Favourite LV Wallet

  1. Which is your favourite LV Wallet? I just bought the Compact Zippe but now I'm wondering if the French or Koala may be more functional. I tend to favor smaller wallets in general.:love:
  2. I'm not sure what the official name of this wallet is, but I love the way it is arranged. It has the size of the pti without opening up as much.

  3. I love the french purse. I have several.
  4. I'm a french wallet fan as well.:biggrin:
  5. I'm in love with the zippy right now (it's what I carry at the moment)
  6. I love my epi elastique wallet.
  7. I just bought the damier Koala and I love it. It is so functional yet compact.
  8. French wallet!
  9. I adore the french wallet. :love:
  10. I love the Koala, French Purse and the Ludlow. I have a Ludlow in monogram canvas, it's small but mighty :amuse:
  11. The koala and french purse are my two favorites but I'm using a zippe and I really like it too. V
  12. French wallet is my favorite.
  13. I love the french wallet, but the Koala is a close second.
  14. My favorite LV wallet is the eldridge. I love how it zips to secure the contents.
  15. Koala it is very nice.