Favourite leg wax anyone?

  1. I have tried Nair but since they changed the backing of the strips, the ink comes off on my hands and legs which sucks. And Veet doesn't seem to be gripping the hairs like it used to either,so anything you can recommend would be great :smile:
  2. Sorry I can't recommend anything because I've never had the guts to wax myself, I always shave - however, I want to start waxing because I'm fed up with having "prickly" legs.

    Would you say that it would be better for me to try this myself at home or go to a salon? and also - does it hurt?

    Sorry to hijack your thread!
  3. I like Nad's...it works.
  4. Is that a Hot wax or Cold Wax Strips?
  5. I could never wax my own legs. I get my whole body done at a salon. When I used to wax my own underarms, I used a wax that did not require backing or cloth strips but I can't remember what it is called.
  6. Nad's is neither a cold or hot strip. It's all natural like molasses. You put it on your skin then it will react with the body heat. You put the linen cloth included then rub and strip. It's not painful as it sounds. I promise :smile:
  7. I have only tried one at home wax on my legs & it was the Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax kit-Worst product EVER, avoid it at all costs. Veet & Nair work well for me. If you like depilators try Magic Cream this stuff is cheap & fab for legs & bikini area. Dont worry that is says formulated for black men-Anyone can use ;)

  8. ouch :wtf:
  9. I love Veet's Comfort Wax Kits. They don't require any microwaving, and they're fast and easy to use. The strips have the wax on them already so all you do is rub between your hands for like 30secs and peel them apart to apply on legs. They're not messy at all unlike traditional wax kits that require you to use some sort of spatula to apply the drippy wax.
    I don't find it painful at all since I'm pretty much used to wax, but even if you're a beginner, the wax kit comes w/ this pre-wax spray that helps ease/numb any pain by giving your skin a tingly feel.

  10. ooo that looks best. I think i may try a salon wax see if that's any ebtter
  11. I use Andrea after trying Nair & Veet, and it pulls the hair better (including the short ones). The only bad thing is that the oil to clean up excess wax left behind comes in what looks like a sample perfume. You gotta have cotton balls to use it with, or it's useless.
  12. I regularly get my body waxed at the salon. There at the salon they use kind of wax called Duelli wax. It is really so effective. It can take off even the smallest and thinnest hair that the other kind of wax that I use at home can’t like veet and nair. It is a really a magnificent wax, but I looked for it everywhere but didn’t find it anywhere else different rather than the salon. Hope that some will help to locate where this wax can be sold.