Favourite lasting foundation? Mine always rubs off... :(

  1. I currently use Mac's Studio Fix Fluid but when i work a 9 hour shift, it's gone by the time i get home and i look awful :sad: lol
  2. I use Shu Uemura foundations, I wear the Shu UV Underbase primer underneath. Best staying power I have yet to encounter. Any liquid MAC foundation I have tried has never lasted, but Studio Fix powder does! HTH!
  3. I am currently using Laura Mercier's Mineral Foundation. I really love it. I had used Bare Minerals for about 4 years. This is much better, IMHO, and it doesn't give me the slight itching that Bare Minerals did.
  4. Chanel Teint Innocence. It's a little expensive but it's fabulous. Wears all day and night.
  5. skii foundation.
    the most natural finish I've ever had. you can layer the coverage. This with nars pressed and loose powder, I'm set. And I wear white scrubs, so just the slightest touch would wipe off my foundation slick- not with this! Great during the winter when you have a stuffy nose, nothing comes off!
  6. L'oreal Infalliable. It's the only one I've tried that doesn't budge until I wash it off.
  7. I like Sue Devitt... it's very light, and lasts me through the night.
  8. giorgio armani silk foundation, love this stuff