favourite josephine colour

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  1. which is your favourite colour for josephine?:love:
  2. blue tst
  3. cherry:smile:
  4. cherry!
  5. I like the green that almost looks like black ... let trade had one a while ago.
  6. think that's the khaki TST
  7. The red cherry color!
  8. khaki tst - if I was to get any mini-mono piece it would be this one. Navy tst is also nice.
  9. I love CHERRY!!!
  10. Navy TST :love:. it's so easy to take care of and if it gets dirty it doesn't show
  11. Navy
  12. I love mine :graucho:
  13. Navy
  14. Cherry and Khaki TST
  15. Navy TST and (old) Khaki color