favourite jewelry

  1. I love jewelry, whats your favourite jewelry?...
  2. My princess cut diamond stud earrings.
  3. My wedding set 2ct. cathedral solitaire round (hearts & aarows) with a 1 ct 5 stone round band...
  4. Pearl studs and a Cartier trinity ring from my mummy. :heart:

  5. Ohhhh... is it the diamond one? I love them both.... Very nice :tup:
  6. The other day while shopping, I saw this cute young couple probably in their early 20s (looks Korean or Japanese) in the Prada store. They looked v affluent and they were wearing matching cartier love bracelets! The guy's bracelet is in white gold and is diamond studded too (and he was wearing diamond ear studs), v dashing!

    I wish I can buy a pair of love bracelets for me and my DH. They are now my favorite! But we still wouldn't look like them; they looked like they hopped out of those Asian comics. Life's unfair lol
  7. My fave Jewelry are Bvlgari Zero necklace, LV monogram white gold bracelet & Chanel Diamond e-rings.

    Pls feel free to view & post yr great jewerly collection in here:
    Jewelry Box in Action!!
  8. well, my e-ring and matching band of course, plus my other w-band. i also love my silver hoops, my tiffany silver, necklaces from my inlaws...wow, i love it all! but a spaical mention to my honora peral bracelet w leather. i just find it different and funky.
  9. Right now my favorite piece is my Lalaounis pink tourmaline cabocon set in 22k gold ring; it's one of fifty pieces and (like all Lalaounis jewelry) is a very unique Greek design.