Favourite high end thickening mascara?

  1. Please? Going out friday night and I wanna go all dramatic :biggrin:
  2. A lot of people seem to like Diorshow. I find it clumps. Fiberwig (which I have yet to try) is supposed to be good also. I actually just got one from Rimmel and it is very good imo. It has the red top on it.
  3. thanks red topped rimmel! Will try it out :smile: xx
  4. If you're aiming for drama, why not get a pair of realistic looking false eyelashes? You can get ones made of human hair and they look great.
  5. ^^^But which human is what I want to know. :blink:
  6. haha thats such a good question!

    Im also looking for a thickening mascara, but have yet to find the perfect one. I personally cant use Diorshow even though i did like it - im allergic to something in it
  7. i thought i was allergic to something in it too...i thought it mightve been the fragrance...b/c my eyes became itchy and puffy for quite some time..now im okay..and absolutely love it...hmm i realized that i wasnt using the brush correctly..i was letting old mascara build up on it...now i just make sure its clean...and my eyes r fine!
  8. I also have to agree with the suggestion of going fake if you're looking for thick, dramatic lashes. For a more natural and discreet look, try using the individual ones instead of the strip ones.

    In terms of mascara, I can't stand Diorshow; it's clumpy, flakes of it came off on my face, and it always ended up in my tearducts. Very overrated, in my opinion. You should also stay away from Too Faced's Lash Injection.

    I'd HIGHLY recommend Imju Fiberwig. I've also heard good things about the thickening/lengthening mascaras from Bourjois.
  9. I took a few pics so you could see different mascaras. The first picture is with Chanel Inimitable mascara. The second is the Rimmel Magnifying mascara, which gives volume. I know the pics aren't the best, but the Rimmel is great for volume. HTH
    P1010014.JPG P1010006.JPG
  10. I can't seem to find the perfect mascara. I do like a few, but haven't found THE ONE just yet. Lol.

    Benefit's mascara would be THE ONE if only it didn't smudge so easily.
    Diorshow Blackout would be THE ONE if only it didn't clump.
    Lancome Hypnose would be THE ONE if only it didn't dry out so fast and feel rough on my eyelashes.
  11. Dior show is the best ever!
  12. i thought that i was the only one allergic to diorshow-it causes my eyes to burn and water and get kinda puffy which is sooo weird because i've never had an allergic reaction to any other type of mascara before

    i know this is too late since your friday night out has passed but i'm a HUGE fan of YSL's everlong-i've tried a million mascaras but this is it for me :heart:
  13. Go with false lashes. Three bucks at the drugstore, and they look great. You can pay more, but there is no need to.

    I use Diorshow during the day, but for shear pop in the evening you can't beat falsies.
  14. I need a new mascara too ... I want one for volumizing but lengthening isn't necessary as mine are very long ... these suggestions are helpful!
  15. dior show didn't work on me. Other suggestions?