Favourite H bag for travel?

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  1. I travel quite a bit with my husband around the world (pleasure, not work) and always struggle to find a suitable purse to bring along. I always travel light and only bring a carry-on suitcase, so I need to be careful with what I bring along so that it is versatile. I already have a Chanel black WOC that takes care of any evening events, but would love to hear your thoughts on what is the perfect Hermes bag to bring on trips for sightseeing, shopping, museum visits, and generally strolling around. I don't want to bring along my Kelly or Birkin, as I find that they are a little too flashy and I prefer to be more under-the-radar when I travel. I also have a beautiful Garden Party 30 in black and toile, but found it was difficult to carry around when I needed to be hands free (for example going to the bathroom in a foreign place where there is no hook on the door...I always end up holding it which can be awkward!..haha). Do you like the Bolide 27/30? Or perhaps Evelyn 29? Would you suggest Lindy 26? Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. TIA
  2. An Evelyne 29 is very light, easy and convenient - a darker blue can be more interesting and dresses up well.

    A heavier option would be a Halzan - so versatile.
  3. Evelyne 29 or 33 (?). I used the former in Barenia for my 4 day trip to Paris and if I need more space I'll take the 33 (in Clemence). My 33 is used most frequently for travel, but also for work.
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  4. I agree with above, Evelyne 33 has plenty of space for everything, is discreet and is hands free. This is my go to travel bag.
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  5. I like Trim II, easily packed and enough to hold travel essentials for me
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  6. The ones I have used the most are bambou Kelly, picotin with Kelly strap, tpm Evelyn and mini roulis. I always bring a Tpm Evelyn since the are so small and fit in my carryon easily, and then I bring at least one other bag of the 3 listed. I would say the roulis and Evelyn are the best ones for most locations since they are small and light, can be cross body. The Evelyn can take more wear (why I always bring one). The roulis has an outside pocket for phone or tickets, the strap can be adjusted to 3 lengths, and the inside stuff is enclosed with flap so more secure. Also the metal part can be turned to be against body if you don’t want anything showing that could make bag recognizable.
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  7. I like the Evelyne 29 or the Lindy 26. The Evelyne is great since it’s totally hands free. You can also use a twilly to double up the strap (to shorten it). I also like the Lindy since it’s relatively low key and can close securely. Safe travels! :smile:
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  8. I always take my togo Kelly 28 blue E for the airport and plane , because it can carry all passports , tickets and so . I take this bag for shopping as well . For other activities I take a smaller cross body bag that I used for years and can put with my luggage like a mini Fendi peekaboo .

    But this year I am thinking about taking my mini eveylne or mini halzan for cross body action :biggrin:. I think that the mini halzan is more durable because I can close it ant it will protect my belongings . And because it has an outside pocket .

    do you mean to use the twilly as a spread sorter strap ?
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  9. Evelyn 29 is a good Travel bag.
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  10. Love my Bolide 31. I like bags with options handheld or shoulder. ❤️
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  11. I always use my Lindy as my travel bag for sightseeing, shopping, museums, etc.
  12. My mom has already used a 35 bolide as travel bag, and now recently she has given it to me so I’m using it when I need to carry a bit more than I usually do, and I find it very useful. I will also use it as traveling bag for my upcoming travels with my family. I like it because 1) strap 2) secure opening. HTH!
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  13. Halzan var.png
    Hail to the Halzan!
    It is versatile (might be able to transition better between day and night than the Eveline), can be closed (pickpockets), under the radar, small enough so the guards at the museums do not make you put it in a locker... The Halzan 31 can be worn cross body, the mini Halzan really is small (and does not look attractive when overstuffed), not sure if it can carry everything needed.
    Oh, Hermes should gift me one for all the advertising I do for this bag, it is just such a clever design!
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  14. Highly recommend Bolide! It's light weight, with full zipper safe for airport travel, easy to get thing in and out for custom, can be shoulder carry when you need your hands free, or hand carry when you want to be a bit more elegant in any evening event. it has metal studs at the bottom to protect the bag when you really need to put the bag on the floor.

    as for the size it really depends on how many things you carry. but either you take 31 or 27, it can't be wrong.
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  15. I like berline and halzan for traveling. Halzan fits a bit more but berline strap is more comfortable.