Favourite flats?

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  1. I've been searching high and low for a new pair of black flats but I've been pretty indecisive and can't find anything I truly love. I've been leaning towards Tieks, Minnie flats by Tory Burch, or a pair of d'orsay flats. Any suggestions on something that is both comfortable but stylish? Thanks!
  2. You know there's so much more ballet flats to choose from, and I'm not talking about colors. Which btw could be not good if you are so indecisive. But for me,well I want it all. I :heart: flats :loveeyes:
    I've too many suggestions :biggrin: So here's something very short.

    What I have.
    French Sole
    Pretty Ballerinas

    What I want in 2016

    Off course there's Chanel, Tory Burch, etc. My bucket (wish) list will never be empty.

    Oh and I like some D'Orsay flats, just like the ones that Dakota Johnson/Anastasia Steele wore in Fifty Shades of Grey.
  3. I'm not a fan of TB flats I found them uncomfortable. The ones with the medallion on them are the worst of the lot they make it hard to walk because restricts how much you can bend your foot. The one I tried that didn't have the medallion wasn't that great imo, better but not great. I also didn't like the leather souls I prefer a rubber sole. I always feel like I'm going to slip and fall on butt in leather soled shoes and it took forever to break them in enough to minimize the effect. I also felt that they ran narrow, imo I have wide feet.

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  4. My favorite flats are roger vivier's. So comfortable and easy to wear. They come as a flat or a d'Orsay
  5. cole haans are the MOST comfy, hands down, and I've literally tried EVERY BRAND
    Aquazzura is the most stylish for acceptable comfort level
  6. Not ballerinas, but flats. I just love Nicholas Kirkwood Beya flats. Super comfortable, tons of colors, very stylish.
  7. Love my Chloe scalloped flats best of all. Definitely comfortable and stylish all in one. I have a few pairs of Tieks and they are comfortable, but the style is not my favorite.

  8. OMG i totally agree with you. I have 2 pairs of TB flats and they are awful. I feel like they cut into the side of my feet at the toe box probably because i have wider feet and the back of the shoes keep slipping off so i am constantly adjusting the back. I can barely walk half a block without feeling like taking them off. They are adorable but man so uncomfortable

    I have also been searching for a pair of comfortable and cute flats for work. I loved my sam edelman flats but i've wore them out and I don't like any of the newer styles. I recently got a pair of sofft flats and have yet to try them out but someone on tp recommended them I have heard great things about cole haan shoes and might go to dsw to try them out.
  9. Cole Hann flats are pretty good quality wise however if your feet are wide then you need to get them in wide width. The only negative is the wide widths are limited color wise the regular ones come in tons of cute colors and textures the wide ones usually are black, navy, nude, blah colors. I'm trying a pair of tieks that initially I liked but now feel a bit mixed. I'm really a 8.5 but they only come in whole sizes so i tried 8 and 9 and thought that the 8s were better and the 9s too long. I've been trying to break them in around the house since it's too cold to wear them out yet. Now I feel like my big toe is uncomfortable. I might try them again but in 9 and see how they work. I also liked Vera Wang lavender flats, I was lucky enough to find a pair on sale at QVC.com of all places lol. The only possible con is even though the don't look like it they have a hidden wedge heel. It's not big but kind of defies the point of wearing flats lol.
  10. I tried my sofft flats and they were not that comfortable. I don't know if maybe they are a tad too big and keeps slipping my socks off my feet. I wore them once and I am not sure if I should try to return them to Nordstrom rack. I might go and try some Cole haan shoes this weekend. Definitely in need of some comfy flats now that it's warmer up
  11. Louis Vuitton's Elba flats are super comfy. Currently, there black suede with patent cap toe. So classy!
  12. The "new" Tory Burch Revas are even more uncomfortable than the original iteration. They will dice your heel up and are super hard to find a good fit. I'd try those on in-store for sure if you decide to go that route.
  13. I swear by my Sam Edelman 'Felicia' ballet flats! Comfortable, yet classic.

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  14. They are beautiful :loveeyes: :yes: