Favourite color of all time for longchamp le pliage?

  1. I'm not sure if bilberry is a seasonal colour (it's not really me, so I never paid it much attention really...) I think that 'classic' colours include black, chocolate brown, beige and off-white. The rest of the colours changes I think.
    Regardless of 'seasonality' you should still be able to get bilberry in the sales - particularly if you shop at the airport or in department stores I think... :smile:
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    bilberry is seasonal. it was introduced in Winter 2008 and it was brought back for Winter 2009. get it now, before it's gone!

  3. no... I think red, navy, black, chocolate brown, slate, and beige/tan are in the permanent collection

    offi-white (called "paper") is seasonal
  4. The plain black just does it for me =)
  5. Did they brought navy back for good? That'd be good! I remember searching for it in winter 07 and being told by the boutique that it's been discontinued... They said it was being replaced with olive green but then it was brought back again in AW08 and olive green is not in the current palette... :wondering Then again they did that big 'younger image' shift since 2007...
  6. I have the large Le Pliage in Kiwi, a bright green and love it. Kiwi is a super accent to spring and summer colors, and great with the deep purples I love in the autumn; also looks good as accent to neutral colors. Am thinking about getting limited edition print of black background with white crisscross riders; Bloomies F&F disc. of 20 percent applies to Longchamp, so I may take the plunge once again!
  7. My favorite color, and the Pliage that I use by far the most, is my all black version. It has black handles & the black bag. I love it & use it on absolutely every trip I take.
  8. I'd take a pink one anytime!
  9. Bilberry was definitely the most popular colour this season. And it is now sold out in most sizes ^^

    The classic colours are...


    And for SS10

    bright red
    bright lilac
    hot pink
    ocean blue ..... and some more...but I don't know them yet!
  10. Ocean Blue?

    OMG I'm swooning. Can't wait to see that color.
  11. Bilberry for something seasonal and Deep Red for the classics. :heart:
  12. I would think taupe, tan, khaki, grey, navy, black, would all be really easy to match with clothes

    That being said, I'd go for an olive green or khaki

    but my favorite is my bright purple Pliage with shoulder straps...I love the pop of color!
  13. I bought my first plaige today! There was a limited colour selection at Selfridges, but I went for the bright red colour. They had the new SS10 collection, including bright pink, ocean blue etc. They didnt have any bilberry or navy ones though, which I wanted.
  14. Bilberry should be back next autumn. Enjoy your new Le Pliage!
  15. I'm a real longchamp newbie and have a burning question as I've recently got interested!
    Is red a classic color? Have been visiting the official sitebut I only see Garance!

    It's a variation - red with a tinge of pink undertones but not that much. It's prob seasonal as the lining is white. I'm torn because I would like a red as it's really timeless!

    But I don't see it and am left wondering if it's a classic color or just a winter 09 color? My friend has it and bought it long ago though.

    Help will be much appreciated!
    Btw I really love royal blue!! Too bad it's no longer available... :sad: