Favourite Clothing Designer?

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  1. Who's your favourite clothing designer? As of now I'm totally in love with L.A.M.B, but I also enjoy Marc Jacobs and Chloe!
  2. I don't have one favorite....I am really into unique items, whatever the designer. Right now I am wearing a Soul Revival embroidered western shirt, a long Vince tank, A&G jeans, and the coolest brown platforms by a brand I had never heard of....Nebuloni. I guess I go for the piece as opposed to the designer. :smile:
  3. i love marc jacobs.....
  4. John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton which is MJ.
  5. Chloe, DvF and lesser known designers.
  6. There are designers whose clothing I really like as works of art,but which I can't wear because it doesn't suit my body. (5'2 and size 10 US on top,size 8 on bottom:blink: .)

    The designers I love to wear are Martin Margiela,Chloe and See by Chloe,Marc by Marc Jacobs (have never been able to bring myself to fork out over 1000 euros per Marc Jacobs main line garment),Isabel Marant,Ann Demeulemeester,Dries van Noten and Rick Owens.

    I suppose this is also governed by what I can lay my hands on...where I live there isn't a whole lot of shopping choice,and with my body I have to try on.

    As long as I can achieve the looks I like and my clothes are of good quality,though,I don't mind which designer it comes from,and I mix and match them happily:biggrin: .
  7. I dabble in a little bit of everything. I like Blumarine, Prada, Missoni (dresses), Tahari, MJ, Carolina Herrera, Gucci.....just to name a few!
  8. THEORY! OMG..it takes 10 pounds off my bod every time I wear a pair of theory pants...love....
  9. I love Marc by Marc jacobs and Marc jacobs(just to have a look!), see by chloe and chloe, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno (especially the athe line which is the less expensive one!),miu miu (by prada), Paul & Joe (I know there are a lot)...
  10. Another MJ person here! I also really love Alberta Feretti, Marni, and Miu Miu.
  11. marc jacobs, hands down, but i have a million runner up favorites.
  12. chloe because i'm completely unoriginal, and i like me some balenciaga and lanvin as well.
  13. Love Marc Jacobs! :love:
  14. I like:
    Anna Sui
    Stella McCartney
    Calvin Klein

  15. I like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson. The only one I can actually afford though, is Betsey Johnson and even that's a splurge for me.