Favourite Chips..lol yes its for real

  1. I am a chip-aholic,
    i eat a bag of chips a day lol.

    Favourite sort:
    Doritos Nacho flavour


  2. Im eating my second bag of chips of the day as we speak.Hahahaha...
  3. I like any brand of Bar-B-Q. I soak, I mean soak them in hot sauce. I can't keep them at my house because I seriously will eat the whole bag (those big bags) in a day.
  4. Hahaha,thats sounds good,i should try it.
    Thanks for the tip
  5. i like jalapeno flavored kettle chips, yum!
  6. Sun chips (multigrain)
  7. All dressed is good too
  8. Ohhh man. It's so hard to pick just one. I love chips. I'm going to narrow it down to top 3 instead:

    1. Lays BBQ
    2. Original Pringles
    3. Dirty all-natural potato chips, lightly salted (Dirty is the actual brand)

  9. I like Ruffles potato chips with yellow mustard! yum!
  10. Salt and vinegar pringles.
  11. Sunchips (the ones in the green bag, lol I forget the name), and Cheetos (having these for lunch today)!
  12. Cheddar and sour cream kettle chips. Yummy! Ate a ton of them tailgating this weekend!
  13. For some reason, I'm really grossed out by greasy potato chips so I love Baked Lays. It's even on my shopping list right now.
  14. Kettle BBQ potato chips
  15. Lays BBQ chips:drool: actually any BBQ chips will do as long as they are crunchy