Books & Music favourite books on personal style / elegant dressing

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  1. what are some of the books that have helped you refine your personal style & wardrobe? let's share our favourite wardrobe guides! (^(oo)^)v

    this is my #1 favourite:

    How Not to Look Fat by Danica Lo
    This is one book that you should definitely NOT judge by its cover! Behind the colourful clutter is a TON of practical advice that applies to the wardrobe you have today, right now - not the one you wish you had, or the one you would have if you were just a bit taller, or the one you’re planning to buy once you lose another 10 pounds (^(oo)~)

    Most of us TPFers already have a reasonably developed sense of personal style; we don’t need someone to tell us what a sheath dress is, or when to wear a pencil skirt! Instead, we need those subtle little hints & tricks that aren’t readily apparent to the casual fashion enthusiast, and that’s what this book provides. For example, do you know how the calf to thigh ratio affects the way you look in jeans or trousers?

    The book is very comprehensive; there’s even a little chapter on Halloween costumes! (^(oo)^)v However, I must say that the most important chapter for me personally, was “The Camera Subtracts Five Pounds,” which teaches methods for taking reliably attractive photos!
  2. Thanks for the rec!
    I'm putting my book wishlist together for the holidays...just added that one!