favourite blogs

  1. i love the sartorialist. he photographs cool people and there outfits on the street.
  2. thebaghag.blogspot.com
    perezhilton.com :biggrin:
  3. I don't read many blogs but I do like this one..


    Very nice blog...
  4. The only blog I like is Post Secret. I read it religiously.
  5. Well, I usually am only brave enough to post on this forum...but recently I joined a blog The Wedding Channel. It is a good website, and they have threads. The only thing is, I would much rather post on this forum because everyone is so friendly and get along. On the other forum, they are sort of...catty...kwim? Sometimes they can get pretty mean (not to me yet, but....I dunno.)
  6. oooh, i really like that blog too! it's a a very neat concept.
  7. Dooce, Moleskinerie, Cute Overload, Postsecret, and Miss Snark. I also follow some knitting blogs.
  8. i know i'm late on commenting...but post secret is the BEST! scary as heck though when you see your secret up there.:wtf:

    i also love go fug yourself. :p
  9. this is the only blog/forum i have ever really read, never mind posted on. i don't know how to im, chat in chat rooms, etc. nor do i care to. i read this for a long time before even writing- now i can't stop!!!
  10. tPF is the only one I visit:yes:
  11. busymom.net
  12. I :heart: Sart!