Favourite BBag and Zodiac

  1. Favourite ~ Baleciaga Bag

    Colour ~ Chocolate

    Sign ~ Aries

    Balenciaga Chocolate Aries

    Linda Marie
  2. Capricorn here :p .. love all the styles :p
  3. Favorite ~ Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton

    Sign ~ Sagittarius

  4. faveourite : balenciaga & many more, but total addiction is only b bags :p

    sign : aquarius
  5. Favorite---Balenciaga and Hermes

    Sign --- Capricorn (B-day on Jan 11 :yahoo:)

    Colors_ I'm currently really into Chocolate colors for the winter and bright red and black since they go with my outfits better. Otherwise I'm all over Blue colors. I love green shades too.

  6. oh, Liz!!! you won't believe it! We have the same birthday:nuts: Which year were you born?

    Sign: Capricorn

    Favorite bag: Balenciaga of course!

    Favorite colors (among Bbag colors): rouge vif, mustard yellow, greige, turquoise 05 and vert gazon!!!

  7. Well happy Birthday gals!!

    Linda Marie
  8. Favourite: Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta

    Colours: (Bbags) Truffle and Metallic Pewter

    Sign: Leo
  9. fav. Balenciaga + others

    colors. love blue!!

    sign. pisces baby
  10. Favourite ~ Baleciaga
    Colour ~ lilac
    Sign~ aquarius (Feb. 9)

    Balenciaga lilac aquarius
  11. Favorite- Balenciaga, LV and Chloe
    Color- Ink and Calcaire
    Sign- Aries (April 18th) = Balenciaga Ink Aries!
  12. fav bag Bbag!
    Saggy baby here!

    Colours: eggplant, greige and all of 04 a/w colours!!!!!
  13. Wow, so many Capricorns (my b-day's Jan 19)

    Sign: Capricorn
    Fave bag: Balenciaga Dolma green city

    Balenciaga Dolma Capricorn?
  14. Balenciaga Courrier
    Crab-baby! June 27
  15. City/Any saturated color/Leo