Favourite Bag

  1. At the moment this is my No1 favourite bag. Im not sure if its a fake though. Its really well made and on the metal rings the words Dolce and Gabbana are well imprinted. There are no slip ups at all. I wouldn't expect it too be a fake, but the fact i can not find one like it on the internet makes me suspisious.

    What Ya Think?

  2. i dont know anything about d&g but the imprint on my mums is sooo different to the imprint on this. Please dont take this as me being rude btw i dont mean it like that.

    and by the way my fav bag at the moment is my LV speedy! i love her to pieces
  3. At the moment my Balenciaga City is my favourite bag, but I'm looking forward to buying a Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 in two weeks' time, for my 32nd birthday!
  4. My fave right now is my whiskey paddy. I love it so much that I bought another in anthracite. But, I'm not feeling the love so much for the anthra, the leather just isn't the same as the whiskey. Perhaps it will be my Winter bag.
  5. My fav bag is my Bronze Balenciaga bag. I love it. I take it everywhere and Rock the heck out of it with everything from my converse to my Gucci stilettos. As for your D&G why don't you call a D&G boutique they can probably give you all the info on the bag as far as the name, price, season it came out. Good Luck! ciao
  6. Your Dolce & Gabbana bag looks suspicious.... The name isn't engraved like that in the Dolce bags I own and the ones I've seen.... Too deep, letters too rounded. You should probably call the boutique and get it authenticated. Fingers crossed. I hope it works out! :smile:

    My favorite purse at the moment is my black Lanvin with fringe and gold hardware, perfect with white shorts and a pair of over-the-knee boots.

    The purse that I'm dying to break out is my crocodile Bottega, rather matronly in shape. Much more of a fall bag ... but so undeniably beautiful.:love:
  7. My favorite bag (of the moment) are my new Gerard Darel bags. I'm just so in love with these!
  8. I have many favorites lately--my new mulberry, LV bat. horizontal, cabas piano.

    Springtime brings out my bag obsession!
  9. My favorite right now is my anthra paddy ... until I can find an equally favorite bag for the summer.
  10. my grey medium chloe edith. but i do have a lot of bags i love to death.
  11. I'm loving my Edith now - she just feels special.
  12. :love: speedy... i've had her for a while but she's still my fav!
  13. My most fav. bag at the moment is my Balenciaga City in apple green.
  14. Cute bag. I don't have a favorite but I definately have some I dislike!
  15. My favorite bag at the moment is my apple green balenciaga first that just arrived about 2 minutes ago! Love the color, leather, & style!