favourite american apparel item?

  1. Everytime I visit that site I'm overwhelmed. I see loads and loads of things that COULD look very nice on but I'm not sure since I can only see it online. I have ordered several items and am very pleased with some of them but others were a disaster...

    On the site you can read reviews from people but I find them more confusing than helpfull and it's hard to compare different items.

    So my questions to you are:
    - What's your favourite american apparel item and why? (can be more than one)
    - Which items wouldn't you recommand?

    I hated the thick cotton wrap dress and absolutely love the unisex deep V-neck shirts. They have the perfect fit, long torso, sleeves have a nice lenght and with the deep V-neck it's a nice variation on the plain simple tee.
  2. - deep-v tees, i have 5. they're a unisex item though, so i only recommend it if you're into the loose look.
    - melange raglans made of cotton jersey - these are fantastic and i live in them. they run a little short, but i love layering them with a beater underneath for a comfy, casual look. also, the melange runs a bit smaller than the solid colours (i have a L blue melange and a M pale purple)
    - jersey scarves - LOVE! I think i have 6... great pop of colour! also easily machine washable/dryable (so i have one for jogging!)
    - not in love with the hoodies, i have the salt and pepper basic zip hoodie and it's too big in the shoulders.
    hope this helps a bit!
  3. although i think aa has a lot of quality issues... i do like their melange tees and the short running shorts that have the piping and curve up on the ends.
  4. I love the womens sheer long sleeve tee's but can't get on with the hoodies, the fit is all over the place
  5. Aw, I'm sad to hear the hoodies aren't that nice. i really need a hoodie...
  6. How are the dresses? There's a racer back tank dress I love ...
  7. i LOVE american apparel! their clothes are so comfy and the colours are awesome

    heres a link to my favourite sweaters by aa:


    -these sweaters are unisex and xs is still a little bit big on me but i still love them! i have in almost every single colour
  8. - What's your favourite american apparel item and why? (can be more than one)
    1. The women's tri-blend track tee. I find it runs small, and I own both a L and XL when usually I wear a M in tops. It is really comfortable. The only downside is it starts pilling after a while, so if this bothers you steer clear of the tri-blend items.
    2. Unisex v-neck tee. I like the regular v-necks better than the deep ones, because the deep ones are cut too low for me and I usually like to wear just one t-shirt when I go for short sleeves. They have amazing colors for these, I love the cranberry!

    - Which items wouldn't you recommand?
    1. I don't like the track shorts (I think it's kinda gross when you see people's butt cheeks sticking out the bottom of their shorts, and kind of unsanitary to be sitting on the metro, etc wearing those things - it scares me, even if you have a perfect butt).
    2. I haven't found any of the skirts to be flattering, but that just might be my body type.
  9. Aww, thanks for this! Are they warm? Do they have a long torso?
  10. i love the headbands, the cotton ones and the thinner satiny ones. pretty much all i ever buy at ae. oh, i really like the cotton scarves too
  11. ok, some of my all-time favorite AA things:
    1. http://store.americanapparel.net/rsaf401w.html in Forest
    I got it in a bigger size and it's awesome! so soft and can be worn with jeans, shorts or as a dress with thick leggings
    2. http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa1304.html
    so comfy, can be worn dressed up or dressed down. awesome with heels for a night out or flats for trolling around town. AMAZING!!
    3. http://store.americanapparel.net/rsad402w.html
    in any color, works with everything and so comfortable! i'm wearing it right now!
    4. http://store.americanapparel.net/t407w.html
    in seafoam, so cozy and warm. LOVE IT!!
  12. LOVE
    - tri-blend deep V
    - leggings (they are cut long and they are not loose on me at all)

    Not so crazy about:
    - the tight dresses- the ribbed T-back, or any of the stretchy jersey dresses- I have a bunch of those and they tend to ride up something terrible. plus they are soo unflattering and I am very thin so it is hard to make me look like a sausage, but some how they managed!
  13. yes they are warm! im always freezing...i have no clue why and aa sweaters keep me happy and warm!! LOL. i also live in toronto where the weather can get down to -30 C. i think we have the similar bodies- i have a long torso as well and these sweaters and long. they fit me perfectly lenght wise. just a little loose around the body and loose around the upper arms-i have really skinny arms...but hey sweaters arent supposed to be SUPER tight :smile:
  14. ^^^

    Thanks so much, I'm allready ordening :smile: