Favortie LEGACY style/color

  1. I really want to get at least one piece from the Legacy line but everything is so pretty and I'm feeling a little intimidated. If only I could have every color and style. What is your favorite style and color from the Legacy line?
  2. ummm...thats really tough. The Legacy line is my all time fave!!!! I would say the Legacy shoulder bag in either camel leather or chocolate sig and my most recent purchase...the new Legacy flap hippie (not on website) in chocolate sig...LOVE! OH, even though its too big for me, I LOVE the look of the Gigi in clay....those are my faves at the moment..:sweatdrop:
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    I would say the legacy shoulder bag style 11127 in BLACK LEATHER!!! This bag is my birthday present, and hubby is giving it to me one month early next Wed!!! I cant wait to use it! I, too, fell IN LOVE w/ the Legacy line, and when I saw THIS bag and tried her on it was INSTANT love! I LOVE the black legacy leather b/c it is the easiest color to take care of..and it doesnt show ANY dirt or scratches!!! Good luck w/ your decision and PLEASE keep us posted!!!
  4. That is a tough question. I have a whiskey Ali I bought during PCE which I :heart: but it is so heavy to carry around. I also have a Legacy Black Leather shoulder bag I got on eBay a couple months ago which was my favorite Legacy bag...

    ...until I bought the new Legacy Brown Signature Swingpack. I just love that bag to death. It's lightweight and just big enough to carry the essentials. I love the front zip pocket and large turnlock front pocket. Perfect for keys and cell phone. If you need something bigger than the Swingpack, then I would recommend the Brown Signature Shoulder Bag. The Brown Signature Legacy collection looks so elegant. That's my recommendation. Good Luck & post pics when you finally decide.:tup:
  5. You can't go wrong with any of them in whiskey! The color is so rich and neutral, just gorgeous. My favorite from the 2006 line was the Legacy Shoulder Bag. Actually, I think it's my favorite from the 2007 line too!
  6. From the 2007 line, I like the shoulder bag best, hands down. I think I even prefer it to the 2006 shoulder bag because it doesn't get that sag the way the one with two front pockets can.

    My fave is the 200 Ali. I don't have one (looooonnnggg, bad eBay experience), but I adore that bag!
  7. My favorite is the 2006 ali. I also liked the shoulder bag and from this year definately the shoulder bag. :tup:
  8. My Fav. is the 2006 Shoulder Bag in Whiskey. I have it and I :heart: it!!!
  9. i love the shoulder bag in clay!
  10. From the '06 line: Ali plus i really liked the leather satchel. My favs from '07 legacy line gigi clay:love:, shoulder flap in leather or signature:love:, and the hippie:love:.
  11. From the 06 Line I really love the Ali in any color. From the 07 Line I love the Gigi in Clay. That Clay color is gorgeous and a real neutral color
  12. I tried on the Legacy shoulder bag last weekend it & looked great! I think that this style is very versatile for day or night. It would be my first Legacy bag as well.

  13. Whisky Mandy!
  14. i love legacy and all, but i really love legacy stripe...
  15. I :heart: my pond shoulder bag because I love all things blue but honestly, as far as style, I prefer my Ali. It's just roomier and I like the longer drop length.

    From this year's collection I've fallen hard for the shoulder flap-it's pretty in every color imho but my faves that stand out to me are the Clay or Gardenia. I also like it in the embossed suede.