1. I am feeling a bit gloomy with pre-hurricane weather on its way, so I was thinking maybe we could talk about our favorites.

    Please share your one and only favorite Hermes color and skin. Notice I said one and only! Oh, and if you want to share a picture go right ahead.

    I would really like to see what everyone loves after getting to know you all for a while.
  2. Black crocodile porosus.
  3. Blue Jean Clemence, of course! ;) :love:
  4. Ummm...at the moment it's Violette ostrich - seriously! That Kelly has me smitten! :love:
  5. I can't choose just one!
  6. Rouge Hermes Box. I do not yet have anything in this color leather but hopefully I will soon.
  7. come on shoes my dear...YOU HAVE TOO!!!
  8. mine is rouge vif chevre. can't get enough! :love:
  9. ditto mnpurselover
  10. Ok, I am a complete novice so this may change, but my #1 is the (I think) Gold (please correct me if i'm wrong about color name!) ostrich skin on the Kelly Victoria Beckham is carrying in the pic 4th from the left:

    I only hope I can own this beautiful bag one day. Right now it's not *quite* in my price range! :Push:
  11. hrm, this is hard!

    fuschia chevre
  12. BRAISE CROCODILE!!! :love: :love: :love:

    That is definitely my favorite and one day I hope to have a Kelly in this color and leather. :tender: Often when I go to the boutique I ask to look at this color/leather in the catalog.
  13. Since LaVan took Braise Croc, I will go w/ Miel Croc, I've been dreaming about it ever since I saw Lucy's Miel Croc rigid kelly
  14. Marron Fonce Chevre
  15. Wait a minute...you didn't answer your own question!!! Come on....:P Only one!