1. What is your favorite Hermes color/leather combo?

    You don't have to own it, but what do you absolutely love without doubt?
  2. As if everyone didn't know my favorite already.:p
  3. ^^^hmmmm, could it be black box with gold hw?
  4. Absolute favorite of all time: rouge vif croc but non-exotic blue jean togo with palladium hardware (or gold togo with gold- see, I am no good at this)
  5. raisin in clemence or togo
    rouge h in clemence
    sorry, they both really make me crazy!
  6. Black box gold for me..... a little something just that arrived for me today.
  7. black clemence, palladium hardware...I would say its the "gold standard" , but that would be mixing my metaphors!
  8. Spill it girl! :nuts::heart:
  9. Can I cheat and name my top five? :smile:

    1. Black box leather - can't argue with a classic!
    2. Cognac ostrich
    3. Potiron swift
    4. Gold togo
    5. Turquoise chevre

    Uh, but I also love:

    6. Vermillon chevre
    7. Rouge H chamonix
    8. Signature orange clemence
    9. Forest green togo
    10. Vert olive swift

    Oh forget it - I'm hopeless!!!

    ETA: Rose what is it???
  10. Thalassa Blue Boxcalf Birkin 35cm w/PH
  11. HIHI, I don't want to hijack this thread.....DD has my camera so no pics today... it's the Lydie:heart: :heart: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. The Lydie arrived!
  13. Congrats! That sounds gorgeous! Please post pics later!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Totally yummy, Rose. Congrats!!
  15. whooohooo the lydie arrived! can;t wait to see it!