Favorite YouTube Makeup videos you subscribe to?

  1. You're welcome!
  2. I have to agree Thatsheart is my Fav :heart:, julieg713 is also great with tutorials.
  3. I am not sure if she has been mentioned, but I also love LaFemme5278. She is only 24 and comes across as so mature and put together. She's nail polish obsessed, so a lot of her videos focus on polishes.
  4. a good one and very professional but she speaks Spanish makeupzone.net
  5. My 2 faves have to be fashionista804 and loveblendnbeauty.:heart:
  6. I don't know if she's been mentioned, but if you like to watch hauls and shopping them myhousewifelife is for you. She did a video on her purse collection too, which I am sure will be of interest to lots of people here. :smile:

  7. ^ Thanks I'd love to check her out :smile:
  8. You're welcome! I just warn you- she will make you want to shop! :lol:
  9. pixiwoo, pixi2woo, amarixe, annejaffrey, cdiorme, checkinthemirror, dope2111, dulcecandy87, fashionista804, fiercefelinechic, fmheadtotoe, glamlifeguru, goldiestarling, gossmakeupartist, missjessicaharlow, kandeejohnson, lisaeldridgedotcom, lisasz09, lisalisad1, lovemelisamichelle, macbarbie07, makeupbytiffanyd, missjenfabulous, nguerriero19, iwanted2c1video.
  10. You listed some great ones! My current faves are makeupbytiffanyd, myhousewifelife (I just like looking at her hauls), missglamorazzi, checkinthemirror, amarixe, michele1218, allthatglitters, pixi2woo, and fleurdeforce.
  11. i haven't heard of myhousewifelife or michele1218, i am actually subscribed to the rest that you listed. I'm subscripted to 122 different beauty channels but did not want to list all of them. =]
  12. makeupbyeman
  13. Wow! You put me to shame! :lol: They are addictive though, aren't they? :smile:
  14. Makeupneversleeps, RAEview, Crsytalis007...

    I noticed I read my make up blogs than youtube reviews.
  15. I recently stumbled across a few more: blushingpixie, legallybrunette214, tesschristine123, riannstar, and beautywithkendra.