Favorite Workout Tunes???

  1. I need to freshen up the selections on my MP3 player. What are your favorite workout tunes...for any stage of the workout?
  2. dance hall type music
  3. Shake, Break, Bounce by the Chemical Brothers
    Talk to Me by Fat Jon
    All Alone by Gorillaz
    okay okay so it's cheesy but My Lumps by Black Eyed Peas, it's got a good beat to keep you synced on the treadmill.
  4. collective soul - dosage cd - it's an old and out of fashion cd however - the beat is steady through the albumn and it's music that lets you get lost in your own thoughts while the beats keep you moving.
  5. I like working out to punk and alternative rock. Anything loud and fast :P Some of my favorite tunes are by...

    Strung Out
    Reel Big Fish
    Alkaline Trio
    Less Than Jake
    The Pixies
    Bikini Kill
    The Lawrence Arms
    Hot Water Music
    New Found Glory
    The Distillers
    Tsunami Bomb
  6. Most of the tracks on Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business" album have a great beat to work out to.
  7. I put some old Def Leppard on there! :shame:
    Rock on! :rochard:
  8. i work out to hardcore and post-hardcore (yeah, i know, i'm weird).

    thursday (i don't like the new album - "full collapse" is my fave)
    blood brothers
    the icarus line
    the letters organize
    norma jean

    and sometimes pop-punk:

    taking back sunday
    fall out boy
    and some other things i can't remember at the moment.
  9. I got this 9 minute piece called "Military Techno" from one of the instructors. I save it for the end when I'm tired and I need to do triceps and biceps. It really gets you juiced!

    I have tons of other stuff in my iPod to keep the boredom at bay but the Military Techno is my prod to finish strong.
  10. i know its kind of old but the best possible song to work out to IMO is Destinys child, Lose my breath, the beat is fun and great plus, it works and phycological level when working out lol, i was working out yesterday on the rower i was listening to say my name and i was going at 2.20-2.30 minutes per (something i dont get the machines), then the song switch to LMB and i automatically rose to 1.90-2.10 so LMb is adefinate song to work out to
  11. Live performances of all kinds of music country/rock/etc...and all the old Bee Gee tunes from Saturday Night Fever!
  12. i go here to get my workout tunes: www.fitpod.com. they release a new workout mix every week called podrunner. so far, i've found it to be supermotivating dance/techno. it's great for keeping your motivation up. i highly recommend.
  13. That's Cool! I do have a disproportionate amount of Bee Gees tunes already-:shame: . btw-I love your thinking!
  14. It used to be the spice girls!:roflmfao::lol::amazed: ...seriously. But I do tend to like cheesy upbeat pop to workout to, even though I don't actually listen to it.
  15. spanish reageeton or techno or blondie =D