Favorite Wine??

  1. What is your favorite wine and why?
    Mine is Beaujolais-villages by Louis Jadot. The taste is very refreshing and clean and it goes well w/ lots of different dishes. That's what I like to drink the most.
  2. My favorite every dinner type is an old vine zinfandel made by Bogle. You can get it on sale at cost plus for $10.00
  3. Fuki Plum Wine-soooooooo gooodddd
  4. Santa Margherita pinot grigio :heart:
  5. aprild, where do you get fuki plum wine from? lol...that sounds interesting and I'd like to try that.
  6. "Flowers" Chardonnay....tastes like Cakebread...same price range...IT ROCKS.
  7. the type of wine is called mavrodaphne. since it is hard to get it where i live, i usually get whatever brand they have in the store. love love love.....
  8. I usually grab whatever has a nice looking label and go with that! So obviously I'm not a wine expert but I like Ecco Domani's Pinot Grigio and the little penguin's white shiraz
  9. I love love LOVE St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc. Not just for the taste, but for the fond memories drinking it during family celebrations & over long talks during/after dinner. It's great ~ everyone should try it! It's about $20 a bottle and I know it has won many awards. It's a Napa Valley wine. My summer indulgence has been mixing white wine with alittle pommegranate liqueor . . amazing!

    I also love almond champagne & raspberry champagne!!
  10. Opus One, Silver Oak or Merryvale X for Cab and Rombauer for chardonnay. All from the beautiful Napa Valley!:flowers:
  11. i love austrailian reds, especially shiraz. i like wolf blass, rosemont estates, etc.
  12. Opus one...just typing it makes me want a glass...YUMMMMMM
  13. I don't drink much, but I like Viansa wine.
  14. I like:
    ZD - Chardonnay
    Steele - Pinot Blanc
    Babcock - Pinot Gris
    Kennwood - Sauvignon Blanc
    Dasche - Zinfandel
    Ferrari Carano - Merlot
    Mondavi - Cabernet Sauvignon
  15. Marietta Vineyards, I think it's called Old Vine Red...yum!!!