Favorite white button downs?


Mar 22, 2007
This is gonna sound insane but I just bought one from Target, under the converse label, as well as a Daisy Fuentes from Kohls (almost identical even). Both were under 25 dollars and both fit like a dream, which for me, a girl with a huge rack but smaller middle (still chubby but normally shirts that fit my boobs are like tents). I love them.

Loubou Lady

La Reina
May 5, 2008
New York, NY
I agree with Purse-a-holic on Theory shirts fitting beautifully.

And I can relate to you, Ame on the difficulty of finding a button-down which handles the curves!

Recently I discovered Hilfiger button-downs fit me like a dream. The label is not Tommy, but w/ a capital "H" and "Hilfiger" in small print under. I bought 2 when I found them - one in a size 2 that fits more snuggly for under a suit and the other in a 4 which I really like too. Both are made quality and survived my first hand-washing, made w/ a heavier material, almost like a men's shirt weave.


Up On My Toes!
Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
Wow, so many of you like Banana Republic shirts that I'll have to look into them. I never would have thought to shop there, but now I will.


May 1, 2006
LOL, this is a perenial search isn't it.....have tried Carolina Herrera, Pamela Dennis, Roberto Rodriguez, DVF, and many more......lately Brook Brothers
no iron, fitted button down shirt fits the bill .....I have a collection of these....I particular like the Brook Brothers one if you leave the peek a boo button open and wear a black or other color camisole or bra/body suit and lift the back of the collar....it is a great addition at 79.00 each for two....they really are wash/hang/wear.,....first saw them on Oprah....:heart:H


Nov 17, 2007
I love, love, love Lafayette 148. You can find it at Saks. The shirts are expensive, but there are always a bunch of different styles. They are stretchy - but don't look stretchy - and just gorgeous. I swear that I buy nothing but white shirts and black pants. People must think I'm a waiter, LOL.