Favorite White Bag?

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  1. I've never really been a white bag fan, but lately I find myself kind of drawn to them, especially to Chloes in white.

    Do you have a favorite white bag? Do you have a picture to post of it? If so, I'd love to see what you like! :yes:
  2. I love the YSL Muse and basic Gucci leather hobos in white.
  3. The JC Mahala in white is gorgeous.
  4. White bags kind of scare me in terms of dirt so don't laugh that this isn't the "real thing" - although it's 1000% leather...I thought this was kind of cute....

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  5. I like white caviar classic flap chanel or YSL Downtown bag.
  6. I buy cute, inexpensive white bags... generally from Target, Macys or Dillards. I usually get a little more "trendy" with my white bags...not too much, though.. I'm over 40 and don't want to look silly. I spend no more than $50...use it for the summer then either put it in the Goodwill bag or give it to my 8 y/o daughter.

    I am also afraid of dirt and "yellowing" so, for me...not spending a lot of money on a white bag is the best solution!
  7. White Chloe Paddington!
  8. I LOVE my white Balenciaga Twiggy ..... Here's a pic.


    I also like this Jimmy Choo ....

    You also can't go wrong with a beautiful white Chanel classic flap or shopping tote.
  9. my favorite white bag is is my chanel jumbo flap. Although I just bought the hogan pleated media in white @ BG.


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  10. My Chanel baby coco cabas!!!!

  11. I have to say....Im NOT a Bal. gal AT ALL...however that is GORGEOUS!!!!
  12. I agree that the white Jimmy Choos are beautiful.
  13. I love that Jimmy Choo too. But I want the black one. If I'm getting a Jimmy Choo, it's going to have to last a lifetime (or 3 months, whatever).

    Here is my only white bag, it's actually ivory. You can see the color difference against the white dustbag. Jano by Anja Flint. I have owned it for nearly two months now, and have carried it for two days because I'm so afraid :nogood:

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  14. I'm not a big white bag fan....It's too easy for klutzy me to destroy. That being said, I love the shape of this off-white/beige combo:

  15. I just bought my first white bag and it goes with everything! I was nervous about all white for a long time - but I took the plunge and I'm pretty happy with my decision :graucho:. White Coach small soho hobo: