Favorite website - other than tPF

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just found this website and LOVE IT! Everyone here makes me feel normal.

    I thought it might be nice to share some favorite or obscure internet websites.

    Here's a few of mine:
    www.imdb.com = Internet Movie Database. Great for movie/tv info.
    www.makeupalley.com = forum on makeup. Hate to mention it here but great fragrance forum.
    www.planetesme.com = book recommendations for kids
  2. specktra forum for all the mac news
    vogue forum for everything
    sydney morning herald for my daily news fix
    gmail for all my e-mails
    and eBay :smile:
  3. Good idea, thanks for starting this thread!

    http://www.craftersforcritters.com - "shop independent help animals in need"

    http://www.grechenscloset.com - awesome (believe I may have said that before :smile:)

    http://www.starsandinfinitedarkness.com - check it out yourself :biggrin:

    http://www.wiccaweys.co.uk - great people running a rescue for Border collies and sheepdogs in the UK

    Innovative, creative products for sale :smile:

    A magic word for me on many websites (esp indie sites) is "LINKS" - was led to this lovely site today by that word :

  4. eBay
    The Fashion Spot
    Perez Hilton
    Celeb Blogspot
    Celeb World
    Lindsay Style
    Nicole Style
    Celebrity Style Guide
  5. besides this:

  6. Okay, this is really sad. My favorite site besides this one is Eluxury.com!!!! I'm either here or there.
  7. :lol: Me too!
  8. Foodnetwork
  9. Someone referred me to toolhaus.org from TPF, and it's been SO useful for filtering out nasty fake bag sellers on eBay!
  10. strawberrynet.com. selling perfumes and make up,great services
    net-a-porter.com selling designer clothes,bags and shoes...greeeeat services
  11. Hotmail, gmail
    the Louis Vuitton site...of course
  12. Mine are:
    Go Fug Yourself
    Dance.net and
  13. The Celtic Connection-I am Wiccan and a member of their forums. There are lots of great folks of all faiths there.

    eLuxury-Seems pretty obvious, eh?

    J-List-I am a total anime freak and overall Japanophile. They have some cool items here.

    The Rat and Mouse Club of America-I :heart: rats!

    Aveda-I love their hair products.
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