Favorite way to order

  1. Alright ladies, I have a question.

    Which way do you prefer to order? Call the store and order with your SA? Order online? Or call the 1-888 number and order that way?

    I have only ever bought in store, but I don't want to drive an hour to the boutique to get this wristlet...and am trying to decide the best way to order it. Any preferences would be welcome!!! :tup:
  2. call the store and order, then you can have free shipping

    not all stores will give you pce that way, but its worth a shot

    shipping on coach.com is too expensive, get it for free :smile:
  3. Call my SA.... :heart:
  4. Since I'm two hours away from the store, I usually call and have them order for me. I've had no problems ordering this way.:smile:
  5. Yay! Ok, i'll have to call at lunch then...I need that turnlock wristlet in mineral (and all the girls in my nursing class are laughing at me for doing this during class).

    Free shipping, woo hoo!!
  6. if i can't get to the boutique, which is my ultimate fav way to shop, i prefer phone orders directly through my SA. That way I avoid shipping costs and all that.
  7. I like going to the store so I can try things on and see them in real life. Plus, I don't like waiting for things to ship.
  8. definitely going in to the store...i have to try the bag on a million times...unless it's something that's unavailable in stores, and i buy blindly.
  9. My thoughts exactly! But if I had to choose I another way I would call it in to your SA.
  10. The only time I ordered from my boutique, I had to pay shipping. So next time I order, I'll have to do it from a boutique that gives it for free!!
  11. I ordered on the phone through the store for the first time today, was so far a pleasant experience (Im waiting on my confirmation call back). The closest store to me is 3 hours so I rarely get to go to a store.
  12. I dont like to wait, so I'd rather go to the store. I have 2 Coach stores within a 10 miles radius of me.
  13. ita! Every penny you save by not using the coach.com shipping could go towards an accessory!
  14. I have a store about 10-15 minutes from me.
    I enjoy going in and getting the royal Coach treatment.
  15. I call my SA and order, get free shipping and PCE. My store is about 45 mins away so they don't mind or so they've said.