favorite wallet

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  1. whats your favorite wallet?
  2. Right now I love my LV Ludlow, it's small and easy to carry, keeps me from carrying a bunch of junk :P
  3. My LV black Marakami...it matches EVERY purse I own, and it's cute enough to carry on it's own. Hopfully I am able to buy the Tod's wallet I've been wanting b/c it's Pink!

    my fav wallets I do not have are Channel Cambon, and the Tods pink wallet...but yet soon will be mine!
  4. i must say that my favorite wallet is the LV french purse . i have it in damier, monogram, and black epi.:love:
  5. The LV monogram ludlow wallet the bf bought me for Christmas :love: Despite its small size, I can fit a ton in it!
  6. im eyeing the lv porte tresor international wallet right now...any opinions??
  7. I'm using a Coach wallet right now and I'm loving it but not sure if it'll be my fav because I got my eyes on a black LV epi wallet... yes, that little thing will be mine... some day... :shame:
  8. I use a LV planner as my wallet. I had another "wallet" designated for cash and coins, a Marc Jacobs wallet, but that was stolen on my trip to Boston in November. :sad:
  9. I love mine have had it several years and its still going strong. I have purchased other brands but that is my favorite! If you purchase one post pics.
  10. I love the new LV Koala wallet. It is the perfect size and very classy with its golden brass S lock.
  11. My new white Chanel caviar wallet.
  12. my new lv pochette porte monnaie carte de credit(monogram). looks similar to the porte tresor international and my mandarina duck hera and my coccinelle
  13. i would go for it. i have the similar "porte pochette" it is just different in the inside. I just love it. It will last forever!!:nuts:
  14. I love my kate spade continental but I'm currently trying to get my hands on a LV cerises zip.
  15. I currently use a Coach mini monogram wallet, it's fine but I'd really much rather have the Louis Vuitton black MC billfold, it's so cute ! I just gotta get the money together.