Favorite wallet

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  1. As I posted below - I'm giving up on my French Purse. What are your favorite styles in the LV wallets. Something not TOO huge - about the same or simlar size to the French Purse? Thanks gals!!
  2. I love my Koala.
  3. I don't have an LV wallet, but will probably be getting the koala
  4. Sorry to hear about your French Purse problems - I was considering that style since I love how elegant it looks.

    I think the Koala is cute, but it's quite a bit thicker. The new Zippy in Epi sounds lovely too (see Laurence's post below).
  5. The Tresor is about as close as LV comes to the one I bought from them 16 years ago. It does have a bill slot on the side (hate those) so there's a tough more bulk, but that overall style is sheer perfection for me.

    For security reasons, I rarely carry my checkbook so I don't need a bigger wallet, nor do I want the extra weight, and a French purse is way too small. With the Tresor style, I put all of my bills, folded in half, in one section, change in another and credit cards in yet another. There's even room for business cards. It also fits in most purses very easily.
  6. I have a perfo zippy wallet that I've been using exclusively. I love it.
  7. i love the French Purse. i'm sorry you're having problems with it. the only other wallet style i like is the Koala.
  8. Loriw, what kind of problems did you have with the French purse may I ask?
  9. I have a damier koala wallet and I have to say it's the best wallet I've ever had. If I ever want/need another wallet, I'm just going to get the same one from a different line.
  10. I was just going to suggest the new Epi Zippy! I think it will be gorgeous in the red.:heart:
  11. Well first I had the Epi French Purse in Lilac (god it was gorgeous!). And the leather around the coin purse started peeling. They tried to tell me it was because of my fingernails at which point I held up my hands as I keep them very short and said "try again!". They eventually let me exchange it for the monogram. After having the mono French Purse for just about a year and a half - the stitching started coming out. Its too bad as I really do love the style!
  12. Koala wallet or card wallet, I have the card wallet and it's perfect for me b/c I alway use cles for changepurses. The clasp gets a little beat up but it still looks good.
  13. My white MC Porte Tresor and my mono Koala.
  14. I love my PTI wallets. They have a lot of room and you don't have to squish your money up like you do in some wallets. The only thing that you have to watch is the zipper/snapped change area so you don't put TOO much change in it. Otherwise it makes the wallet look bulky.
  15. I just got the Monogram wallet w/ zipped purse or "pochette wallet", I LOVE it!! It is soooo user friendly, has room for everything, and you don't have to strech it out to get in and out of it. I had the mono french purse too, and just couldn't deal with how small it was.