favorite vitamin supplements?

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  1. i've been taking nature's valley prenatals lately...they're made from whole foods, so all the research says your body is supposed absorb the nutrients more easily (less nutrient waste). i'm liking them so far. it has all the essential nutrients in one pill which is important to me.

    i used to take a b-complex and a multivitamin from GNC. my body didn't like them at all! swallowing four huge horse pills a day didn't go over very well with my stomach. :s they work for my hubby though. at least they're getting used.

    what's your favorite brand and why? in case i have to switch again. :shame:
  2. I used to take a prescription prenatal vitamin called Materna, however they stopped making it.

    I now take a Centrum daily along with 3 calcium citrate tablets.

    I take Centrum because I did a chart comparison and this vitamin came the closet to the Materna as far as equivalency goes and the Citrical (calcium citrate) is the best absorption for me.
  3. Ladies, I am a nurse & an independent consultant for a natural company (w/ wonderful supplements) from Switzerland. Drop your vitamins in a glass of water & make sure they are dissolving w/in 20 or 30 min. If not, they are going right through you. You arent getting the nutrients & you're wasting your $$. If you see "enteric coating" on the bottle, you can bet they arent working to the full extent =(
  4. Olay Vitamins - they are the only ones I can take on an empty tummy and not feel sick.
  5. I have the Walgreens brand of daily multivitamins. 365 tablets in a bottle, a years supply. They're a lot like Centrum.
  6. Rainbow Light womens multi and their calcium supplement. I used to be the manager of the vitamin dept. in a health food store. What Shannon says is true. Drop the vitamin in a glass of water overnight, and if it doesn't dissolve, then it won't in your stomach either, and you are wasting your money.

    Some other good brands are Nature's Life, Nature's Plus, and Source Naturals.
  7. Nature's Bounty: Prescriptive Formulas-Women's formulation. Good stuff. One packet has six different supplements. A box is around $12 and is a one month supply.

    Because I'm old and creeky, I also take extra fish oils (3000mg per day), extra calcium/magnesium/zinc, SAM-e and glucosamine & chondroitin.

    Yes, it takes a lot of time and water to down all these guys!:Push:
  8. We're using Shaklee.