Favorite vernis color?

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  1. Me: Pink :wlae:
  2. Lavender :love:
  3. Lavender, Perle, Indigo
  4. Fuchsia and Noisette.
  5. Love the Bronze, but it doesn't love me....I think I'm too fair to carry it off. Does anybody understand what I mean???? It just doesn't look "like" a color I should be wearing...
  6. indigo
  7. bronze, then red...
  8. Framboise and Bronze
  9. I love framboise and beige. Oh and Indigo. And Fuchia. :P
  10. Perle
  11. I'm fair too, and completely relate. I don't generally look the best in earth tones etc, but I don't care when it comes to Bronze Vernis, I love it too much to let it go!
  12. Oh sorry, I think the pink is actually officially called "rose" :heart:
  13. framboise
  14. bronze and red