Favorite Tokidoki Character?

  1. I know we have discussed this here and there in various threads, but I thought it would be fun to have one place to talk about our favorite characters.

    I'll go first- as you can see by my avatar, "pirate" kittie from the pirata print is my absolute favorite Tokidoki character to date. This is probably because I have a cat of my own so it is a natural reflection of that.

    My other favorite character(s) is the airplane on the citta rosa print. I don't know why I :heart: the airplanes so much, but when I saw them for the first time on a citta rosa stellina, I "had to have it" and bought it on the spot!

    And so began my Tokidoki journey...:love:
  2. There are just too many cute Tokidoki characters to choose from. I guess I don't have one. I love em all!
  3. Hi, my name is Jen, and I'm sure everyone on here already knows that I am addcited to the lattes!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:

    I am addicted to Starbucks although I don't drink lattes they remind me of my starbucks addiction...latte..peppermint mocha...what's the difference!! I am especially fond of lattes in :heart: . When they're together on the cammo & playground prints thinking about love it is too cute. I just can't get enough of them!! They ALWAYS make me smile! I had to have the adios star print after all b/c of the lattes!! :graucho:

    p.s. If I had a camera, latte would be my avatar!! :sad:
  4. Just for fun, if you had to pick one...which would it be? Like a bag covered in your fav character...which one??
  5. You know Jeny when you mentioned the latte couple I started thinking about the amore print and I love the chief daisy couple on that print.
  6. They are cute!! Okay, they can officially be your favorite just for this thread!! :love:
  7. i like the little red devils in the inferno print. :smile: and the chili peppers too!
  8. Hard question...um. I think my avatar, for the moment, but that might change when I get my pirata.

    But I love the lattes, Bastardino, the sushi, the watermelon-eating devil, the octopus lovers, and almost anything that usually doesn't have a face (ie the popcorn guy and traffic lights on citta, and the pearl in a clam on pirata).
  9. where's the sushi in? :smile: sorry i only have one tokidoki item which was given by my bf and i'm loving it! it's a canguro in inferno.
  10. I like the little baby boy with the guitar :heart: .......does he even have a name???:confused1:

  11. In my mind he's a punk rocker!! I don't think he has an offical name but I could be wrong!!
  12. There's sushi in paradiso, and there are sushi lovers in the upcoming amore.

    Also, I have the same bag. It's cute, is it not? :smile:
  13. Probably not...Simone wouldn't have much time for anything if he named *all* of his characters. Heh.
  14. yes, too cute! ;) i love the inferno print... now i'm curious abt the amore.. the paradiso was a bit too light for me. i want a wallet!:yes:
  15. I like the characters on the amore a lot, but I'm just not fond of hearts...