Favorite Tiffany & CO piece!

  1. What is your favorite Tiffany & CO piece that you own(ed)/want to buy?

    I actually have two favorite pieces - beaded necklace and a matching bracelet. The pictures are taken from www.tiffany.com. Ohhhhh, prices went up!

    (I prefer the one with beads all the same size)


    I bought the set a while ago and love it!
  2. i have a bunch of tiffany's necklaces, but my favorite piece by far is this charm bracelet i got a few years ago (although one of the charms has changed) :P


    and likeafeather i just realized the tiffany's price hike is ridiculous.........this bracelet now costs $1,650 :blink: ....they're waaaaay worse than LV with the price hikes.......
  3. i like the beaded bracelet a lot. it and the bead earrings are the tiffany pieces i wear the most
  4. my only tiffany pieces are the heart toggle bracelent & necklace set. it was the 1st gift that my 1st serious bf gave me. we were in college and he was really poor so it meant a lot to me. i am not a jewelry person but still treasure those pieces today.
  5. The "Return to Tiffany" choker my mom bought me for my bday.
  6. Tiffany raises their prices so often! I remember with 6 mos one necklace I had wanted went from $90 to $110...now the same one is $135. The heart link bracelet my bf got me for two xmases ago (like 04) it was $395 then and now it is $475! I think that is my favorite piece I've been given, I don't have much I like jewelry but I don't wear it often so I don't keep much around unless I really like it and I never buy anything for myself. Lately I've been wearing my Yurman stuff more.
  7. I wear my T&Co 1837 Silver ring EVERYDAY. I feel naked without it.

    I plan on getting the 1837 Midnight Titanium ring also, to match my darker/more masculine moods. :smile:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. My favorite is the Etoile line.
  10. I don't own anything from T & C yet.. but I've always wanted a big ole engagement ring from there ! I'd even just buy it for myself, who needs a boy to get down on his knees for one ! :biggrin:

  11. Aww me too! My only pieces are my Elsa Peretti Open heart necklace and Elsa Peretti band ring (with its tiny little diamond :amuse:).. and they're both from my boyfriend. They don't cost as much as all the other things but it means so much to me that he would buy them for me, considering that he never buys anything for himself. I wear both everyday! :love::love::love:
  12. i don't know much about engagement rings but right now i want a tiffany ring!
  13. Oh. i've always thought those two pieces were so beautiful. :love:
  14. The Return to Tiffany bracelet is the only piece I own. I bought it when I passed my GCSE's a couple of years ago, but I dont wear it as much now. I think its time I had another trip to Tiffanys!