Favorite Thai Foods?

  1. Tom Yam Soup
    Grilled squid sweet n' sour glass noodle salad
    Green curry with plain steam rice

    What about you?
  2. Tom Yam Soup
    Fried Catfish Salad
    Seafood Pad Thai
  3. Pad See Yu
    Crab fried rice
    Black Pepper Garlic Chicken
    Green Curry
    Massaman Curry
    Papaya Salad
    Larb Salad
  4. i love everything thai, we order at least once a week at work for lunch, I rotate between:

    pad thai in all forms
    massaman curry
    panang curry
    drunken' noodles
    basil fried rice

  5. I love thai food but here's some of my fav
    **Tom Kha gai (spicy & sour chicken soup with galanga, mushrooms, coconut milk, baby corn
    **Pad thai with seafood
    **Basil beef with chili garlic
    **Pla Rad Krik (deep fried pampano with spicy garlic sauce)
    **Eggplant Khee Mao
  6. Fried watercress salad
    Tom Yum Goong
    Pad Thai

    Oh, heck, just about anything.........
  7. Veggie pad thai and anything with coconut +curry
  8. Pad Thai, and any of the other noodle dishes
  9. i love thai tea!!!
  10. -Pineapple fried rice
    -Pad Thai
    -Chicken Satay
    -Anything with green curry

    There's another dish I love that's just noodles with green curry and a little bit of everything else thrown in. It has all different kinds of meat and veggies, usually some egg. They call it Singapore Noodles around here, I don't know the proper name...
  11. I love Thai food!
    All Pad Thai and coconut soup (Tom Kah) are my most favs.:yes:
  12. pad thai
    beef/chicken satay
  13. tom yum soup
    all the noodle soup dishes
    shrimp pad thai
    basil garlic ground pork with chili over rice
    crab fried rice
  14. The last time i went to Thailand for four days, i put on 2 kgs. That is how much i :love: thai food and i'm hoping to go back soon!
  15. I love pad see ew. (sorry about misspellings)

    Anyone have a recipe for it?