Favorite supersoft sweaters!

  1. Hey ladies! It's starting to get chillier and I need to beef up my wardrobe in the sweater department. What are your favorite sweaters (or brands that make sweaters)? The kind of sweater that you just want to lounge in for the rest of your life and that you constantly rub your cheek against because it is so soft (or is that just me?) My budget is <$200 and I'd like to add that sweater-jacket suggestions are very welcome! Pictures would also be fantastic!
  2. Well I just can't resist cashmere as it's warm without being too bulky. At the price range you suggest I'd check out j. crew, anntaylor or bananarepublic for cashmere choices. Also, Neiman Marcus does great sales on cashmere basic pieces (crewneck, turtleneck, t-shirt,etc) which are worth checking out.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Like Pursegrrl said, cashmere is definately the way to go here, there is no beating cashmere when it gets chilly!
  4. Cashmere at jcrew - best quality for the price IMO.
  5. I agree with what everyone else has said about J Crew. They have such lovely clothes that LAST! Also, I love gap sweaters as well as banana republic :smile:. I can't wait for the chilly weather!
  6. Oh wow, I just checked out J Crew's website upon your suggestions and they have such cute cashmere sweaters! My only reservation is the price, which I know is fantastic for cashmere, but not so much for my bank account. Please link me if any of you see sales on cashmere! I only have one cashmere sweater at the moment but it does seem like they would last for quite awhile, thus making it an investment. But psychologically, it just seems like a lot of money to drop on one piece (ironic since this does not apply to bags or jackets for me).