favorite summer makeup!

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  1. what do you like to use in the summer?
  2. In the daytime for work i use tinted moisturiser, concealer (where needed), mascara and sheer lipstick or lipgloss. If i am looking washed out, i would use a little bit of cream blusher. Its a nice natural look.
  3. Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, bit of concealer, mascara, wee bit of pink blush, and a nice lipbalm, oh and usually ill stick on blot powder on my T-Zone :smile:
  4. Me too! That stuff is sooo good! I also use a little mascara, and bronzer. That's about it.
  5. tinted moisturizer, light dusting of bronzer, mascara, and gloss.
  6. Gel blush, a bit of shimmery powder on my cheeks, lip gloss and mascara. If I'm feeling bold (I resist to wear much makeup, I'm scared I'll look funny) I'll smudge a little shimmery eyeshadow on my top lids.
  7. sunscreen, mascara and lip gloss
  8. Y'all are lucky. I still have to wear a mineral m/u, blush, bronzer, e/l, eyeshadow, mascara, and l/s or else someone will inevitably say that either I'm sick or tired.

    never fails. That's what I get for having pale skin and dark features I suppose.
  9. I shade in my brows, brown eyeshadow, clear lash gel.
  10. Bobbi Browns tinted lipbalm is great for the summer!
  11. I always do a full face.......although people tell me all the time I have beautiful skin. I will use Bare Escentuals foundation + mineral veil, or Philosophy super natural. Then Masacara and eyeshadow. For blush I use Nars Orgasm or Lovejoy.......then some type of lipstick or gloss- oh I actually just bought Clinques poppy face powder ( the one with the flower in it).
  12. Here's my list:

    • Benefit High Beam or NARS Multipurpose in Copacabana (I think that's what it's called?) great for highlighting your cheeks and browbone!
    • Aveda Face Accents in Plum Fresco as a blush, gives nice rosy finish.
    • MAC Matte Bronze, great bronzing powder, does not make you look orange!
    • Dior Diorshow Mascara in 090 (black)
    • MAC Glamoursun lipglass
    That's pretty much it, I try to avoid eyeliner and eyeshadow unless it's for a special occasion or if i'm going out at night.
  13. I just use a bit of concealer underneath my eyes, blush, mascara and white eyeliner to make me look LESS tired :biggrin:
  14. how do you apply that? before powder? after? with a brush of some sort or straight to your face?

    ive been eyeing the NARS for a while now, i just cant figure out the logistics of using it! lol.
  15. I still do my same routine
    During the week when I am in a hurry to get to work...
    Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer
    Laura Mercier Stick foundation in Light
    Dior Eyeliner in black or Laura Mercier kohl eyeliners in either gray or brown
    Stila Mascara
    Fame lip gloss by Smashbox
    laura mercier translucent powder
    Secret Finish

    I do the same routine on the weekends except i use Laura Merciers Silk Creme foundation and I apply it with a brush
    And if I wear eye shadow I wear Mac eye shadow
    Nars Blush in Orgasm

    If I do anything different in the summer, it might be eyeshadow colors like I will wear blues and bright pinks in the summer.

    Ive never tried the tinted mosturizers.