Favorite Style CHLOE

  1. whats your favorite style chloe bag and color i like them all:jammin::jammin:
  2. Paddington Satchel
  3. Medium Paddy
  4. oops...forgot abt colors
    Choco, Gris Vert, Craie (though it's no longer available)
  5. Large paddy -- uh oh!! I don't have one of those yet!! HEE HEE :P

    Blanc is my favorite color.... today :nuts:
  6. satchel. fo' sho! in ivory or anthracite
  7. The Edith -- its the only one I have!
  8. 1) medium paddy
    2) zippy
    3) betty
    4) front pocket paddy
    5) bracelet bag
    6) any clutches.
  9. For style either large or medium classic style paddington. I really do love the python silverados though! They would be a close second. :yes:

    For color... undecided ATM!
  10. Medium Paddy - Taupe - sigh, its gorgeous
  11. Paddy medium in dark grey or mousse
    Edith in chocolate it's such a great bag for university and it holds so much!
  12. Medium paddy in taupe
    Pocket paddy in chocolate
  13. I don't have a medium paddy but I saw it in taupe and it GORGEOUS! Is it still available?
  14. Medium silverado hobo or Paddy hobo.
  15. LRod taupe is still available, I saw one at SCP Chloe :yes: