Favorite style BESIDES city?


What is your favorite style (besides City)?

  1. Classique/First

  2. Twiggy

  3. Box

  4. Purse

  5. Day/Hobo

  6. Work

  7. Shopper

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've already got my :heart: set on another B-bag, although I'm not sure which one yet. I just purchased a greige city (love the color and style), and have my eyes set on a dark blue bag (in either ink or marine). My dilemma is...what style should I go for? I'd like to try something other than the city style (even though I love it! :love:)

    My only preference is that it is not a "mini" style (too small) or "weekender" (too big). Thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  2. The hobo style, is very roomy and the leather is usually very good,one of my favorites.
  3. My vote is in for Day, even though I don't own it. The first is pretty great as well, but not for days when I have to carry a bunch of things around.
  4. Another vote for the day, which is a wonderful, comfortable everyday bag.
  5. OOPS, I voted Work but my answer is really TWIIIIIGGGYYY!
  6. I voted Twiggy! It's a fun size, doesn't look too big but can keep more than it actually looks like it can.
  7. Gotta go with the Work . . Love it!!!
  8. Another vote for Work. Part of the appeal for me in Bbags is the leather and the color of the leather. The Work is roomy and comfotable, and gives a big splash of that gorgeous leather and color. There's just more of it to love.
  9. Besides my Citys I really LOVE my Purses. havent seen a Twiggy IRL yet, kinda thinking that may be a favorite for me too. And I really like the Shopper, trying to find one in Ink, but I'm on the waiting list for it in Marine...I dont like the small bags. Had an Ink First, just too small. I have too much junk.
  10. Wow...I never knew the day style was that popular!! I'll definitely have to research that bag more...

    For those who chose classique, is it a LOT smaller than the city? I like the shape, but am afraid of looking like I'm carrying a toy purse! :shame:
  11. I love the day bag - and it seems to have the most votes right now.
  12. For me City is first, Day hobo second, and twiggy the third.:yahoo:
  13. If you like to carry on the shoulder, the day and the purse are best.
  14. For sure, the twiggy! I like it a lot better than the city, actually! I think my second choice would be the day...I'm considering getting one now!

  15. I have The First and The City and I think The First IS quite a bit smaller...I think I can fit at least twice as much in The City...
    I still love it but I only need one in that size.