Favorite Stone

  1. What Is Your Favorite Stone?

    For Me It Diamonds, Diamonds & More Diamonds....Next Choice Sapphire!
  2. diamonds diamonds diamonds. after that there goes emerals ruby sapphire. but even though it is no stone i also love angelskin coral and pearsl (but only southsea)
  3. Sapphires, particularly the finest, from Kashmir or Burma (Myanmar).

    The Kashmir stones exhibit a deeply toned, ‘soft’, rich, velvety blue :love:; whereas the Burmese stones exhibit a slightly green tinted ultramarine.

    My second choice would be rich, grass green Colombian emeralds. :yes:

  4. miki moto pearls.
  5. (1) canary diamonds
    (2) emeralds
  6. Diamonds
  7. Moonstones
    Can you tell I love blue??
  8. I've done a lot of fun pieces with diamonds, though I really love working with multiple gemstones, especially in European style pieces. I made these Chandelier earrings with a combination of enameling, topaz, diamonds, and garnets
    And I also like working with just diamonds...I made these earrrings a couple years ago:
  9. Japster, I LOVE the chandelier earings!
  10. Diamonds. Diamonds. More diamonds. I love those diamond earrings!!!
  11. diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls.
  12. Diamonds and emeralds for me! And the bigger, the better please!
  13. i am so boring...i ADORE diamonds. nothing has the sparkle of a diamond. and pearls. they go with everything and always look so polished. :smile:

    i love colored gems but rarely wear them. i don't like my jewelry to clash with my clothes and i never remember to change my jewelry to go with my outfit. :smile: my favorites are sapphires (blue and pink), inclusion free emeralds, tanzinite, rubies, amethyst, aquamarine and garnet.

    i am such a sparkle whore. :smile:
  14. Print*Model ~ That Is The Best & So True!!!

    Kat ~ I Love Canary, Too!

    Japster ~ The Diamonds Earrings Are Exquisite!!!

    ....Everyone Has Such Beautiful Taste Here!!!!!!! :smile:
  15. I'm not picky. I'll take whatever people are willing to give me. :biggrin: