Favorite Sport!!!

  1. What is your favorite sport? Mine is tennis and swimming!:heart:
  2. Definitely Ice Hockey. I've played for 12 years competitively as a kid (with the boys!!) and it was definitely one of the best childhood activities I was ever involved with.
  3. I like to watch soccer. Volleyball can be good, too.

    I don't like participating in any sports... just dance, which is more of an art, I think.
  4. Voleyball and basketball!
  5. i dont play any sports but i am a huge boxing fan.
  6. Ooh, swimming and diving, too.. and gymnastics..
  7. Did you watch that TV series about a bunch of girl boxers doing some Thai style of fighting? It was kinda silly (reality TV-ish) but I was hooked. I liked watching them fight.
  8. no, im not really into female boxing or amateur.
    i would kill for an night with calzaghe though:graucho:
  9. I love soccer and played it when I was younger..I love watching MLS and EPL games as well.
  10. Shopping!
  11. Not sure you'd consider it a sport, per se, but I love dancing.

    I also like to watch the Washington Redskins football team on TV, but that's about it.
  12. ^ :tup::tup:
  13. I don't really like playing sports. I like watching tennis on TV, though. And soccer.

    I kind of like to dance, I suppose.
  14. X-treme shopping!

    JK I like to watch ballroom dancing
  15. I live for Baseball - I think about 24-7 ! i played I one year and I sucked at it but I love MLB , I also love college football

    and i agree with the above poster - extreme shopping , the one sport I am naturally gifted at