Favorite splurge on cosmetics or skin care...

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  1. I recently was in the market for a new foundation. I normally use Chanel or Bobbi Brown. I came across a foundation by Terry. I would say high end-$125-$150 per bottle! Anyway, I was wondering what everyone splurges on, that- "I have to have product ", because it works well !! For me I splurge on eye cream. I use it faithfully day and night and I have to say I really don't have crows feet. (I am 50 years young ) My new splurge is on Kate Somerville line release under eye repair cream. Seems great. I normally use a Shisedo product but thought I'd try this.
  2. I do not mind splurging on sunscreen - it's important to me to have one that is cosmetically elegant, is stable, and has a decent PPD. I love Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Cream. At $34 for 2 oz, it's expensive for sunscreen but it's SO worth it!
  3. I splurge on skin care as well...just about everything I use is from Dermalogica, which costs $40+ for the cleanser alone, plus nighttime moisturizer, day cream, eye cream, skin lightener, etc... I have tried just about everything else at all price points, and this works best for me. So I am happy to pay top dollar for this and do my own nails and waxing at home! :P
  4. ITA. Sunscreen is critical. I won't put anything on my face that doesn't have SPF! (Unless I am getting ready for bed, lol).
  5. Favorite splurge has to be La Mer stuff. It's a really good feeling to find something that actually works for my skin without breaking me out or causing little whiteheads at the tip of my nose, which in turn leads to a red rudolph-esque nose that I have dealt with for the few years I've been using moisturizer.
  6. I love this sunscreen too! :tup:

    My biggest splurges are Guerlain Meteorites & Dior high shine lipsticks.
  7. Face Moisturizer!

    I buy Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Moisturizer. I think is $42 for 1.7 oz?
  8. I splurge on skincare. I have being using La Mer for the last year. Now i have been trying some La Praire sample, and i think i might be getting a night cream from them. I am huge in skin care and beileve in getting the best than you can afford (and works for you) for your skin.
    As far as makeup, i have splurge with different things through the years, however something i will always splurge on will be foundation. The biggest splurges that I love are Giorgio Armani lasting silk UV foundation and La Mer cream foundation.
  9. I think Lush items are somewhat expensive for the number of uses you get out of them (like the bath bombs, bubble bars, and sugar scrub bars) - but they make me feel so divine and indulgent that I just have to splurge and get a bunch everytime I go.
  10. I don't know if this qualifies as a proper response, but I'll splurge on anything beauty related, my poor credit card; I am convinced one day it is going to explode. But I guess if I had to pick just one thing it would have to be eye cream.
  11. For me it's La Mer Creme de La Mer. I've finished 2 jars of it already and have been trying to find something that works as well but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I have rough patches of skin on my cheeks, really dry. And La Mer is the only thing that works! If anybody knows of any good substitute, please lemme know!
  12. I :heart: Lush, too! And I agree with you -- there's nothing like a bath bomb bath after you've had a rough day...
  13. I use Dermalogica as well. I haven't had such good results with other skin care products, and I am happy with the result I get with Dermalogica, so I am willing to spend the extra money. While $24 might not seem like a huge splurge. It is when it comes to mascara. I bought a tube of Diorshow and I love it so much I think I am going to have to just suck it up and spend the money.
  14. I splurge on a good eye cream, only because it's the most delicate area of my face. I usually use Caudalie or another natural brand.
  15. For me it has to be the La Mer Translucent Powder $65 for .88 oz, my skin is oily so if I wear a foundation I have to set it with a powder and before La Mer came into my like I looked like a powder donut! Now days my skin looks so goregous and luminous because of the La Mer powder, I get a lot of compliments! :biggrin: