Favorite Speedy size

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  1. So I bought my HG bag the speedy empreinte in noir last weekend and still have not used her. I'm so excited to have her, but I keep thinking....

    Have any of u ever bought a speedy 25 and wished u bought a 30 or have u bought a 30 and wished u bought a 25? I've only ever owned speedy in the size 30 and was wondering what the 25 would be like??
  2. 25 is too small for me T_T. sometimes only cute limited one's come in 25 though (like my cerises) so i cave but i much rather carry 30-40. i like bigger bags xD
  3. I have the 25 and love her soooooo much! I can just recommend it; fits more than you think! if you have doubts about your purchase I would return and check the other size (before it will be to late). just to make sure! LV is way to pricey not to be happy 1000 %!😊
  4. Only problem is they don't make speedy 25 in noir.
  5. +1 you said what I wanted to say perfectly :smile:
    Speedy 25 also works best for me, but OP if you have any doubt, do go to your nearest LV store to try out the 25! Good luck :smile:
  6. For me, 30 in canvas but 25 in Empreinte. I originally bought the 30 in Empreinte but it felt bigger than the one I had in canvas so I sold and bought the 25.

  7. I see your dilemma... shoooooot! color or size - thats the question....😁
  8. I noticed that the 25 in empreinte does look bigger. I thought it was just me.
  9. Yes, the 25 in Emp. seems a lot bigger than the canvas versions. The 30 Emp. seemed very big. It's stiff, unlike the canvas which can droop.
  10. My Speedy B 30 in Empreinte Aube was my first piece purchased in January. I did a lot of research and LOVE this bag. It is perfect size for me...I am 5 foot 4 inches and 125 lbs. It does soften which I don't mind but would prefer it keep original shape so I don't overload it; but, I do have to carry a certain amount (more than I like) because of a medical condition. HTH

  11. Oh no! I know you were so excited about the Noir!

    Although I am petite (5'2" and 115 pounds) and do not carry much, I find that the size 25 just looks too small. I don't care for it. The 30 is the perfect size for me. I think you should go to LV and check them out in person. There is a big difference. One thing that bothered me with the 25 is I felt like the handle drops were smaller - not comfortable for me to carry on my wrists, especially with my winter coat on....But that's not an issue for you in Hawaii!! Let us know what you decide girlfriend!
  12. I just prefer the overall look of the 30. I'm 5' and could easily carry the 25, but don't like the look of it -- it's 30 for me!!
  13. 30 size definitely! 25 is too small.
  14. Personally for me I prefer the 25. I have the 30 in Infini and hardly ever carry it. I don't carry a lot and when I switch to the 30 I just don't like how it looks. Sort of caves in on itself and just doesn't look right to me. But again, we are all different which is why it's so great to have options!
  15. I have a 40 which I use as a weekend bag, my other speedy's are 30's but my other half is trying to convince me to get a 25 which I think might be good for me. I only carry a wallet, keys and a phone. That's it so I could get the super cute little one