Favorite SPEEDY Shaper?

  1. Yes I have.Its great!!
  2. Oh wow, all these speedy accessories. I was just looking for a pursket, this seems even better fitted for my purpose now. Now I need a new speedy, LOL!!!
  3. I think I'll get it now!

  4. I just ordered one too!
  5. :huh:o, I was looking at that last night but I ended up getting just the base from another seller. I like the "sag" on the sides (not really the sag since it's on the sides but I like how it falls in when I'm not carrying too much, sorry if I'm not making any sense) but anyway, those that bought it, please post pics and tell us how well it works! :balloon:
  6. That shaper with sides is very interesting!!! I still don't get how it locks in at the top, but it looked like it would hold the shape of the Speedy well.
  7. I still hadn't used my Speedys because I was waiting for the "creases" to come out of them, particularly the Damier. I will post pics as soon as I get mine :smile:
  8. try one from jennycola, thats who I got mine through... and it is AMAZING!
  9. Thanks for the link...I just got one too!! I have the purseket but the top of the speedy sort of caves in around it. This one goes all the way to the top. Which should look much nicer when not being held. Again, thanks!!
  10. Oh this looks like a clever invention! :tup:
  11. Wow, that is really cool!!! People are so crafty and creative!!!
  12. ooh thats nifty!! :smile:
  13. I have the larger purseket also, and I didn't like how the Speedy looked with the purseket just like you had mentioned. So, I just bought the Speedy bottom from jennycola on eBay.

    I do however like using my purseket inside of my Neverfull MM and also in my Cabas Mezzo.
  14. i have pursekets in my 25 and they work wonderful, but i can see that for a bigger speedy this more structured look is better