Favorite soups?

  1. The local grocery store in my hometown used to have ridiculously good soups... lobster bisque, squash soup, etc.

    What kind of soup is your favorite? I'm a broccoli cheddar girl, when it's done right!
  2. French Onion~ yummy!
  3. good ol' clam chowder :smile:.
  4. Lentil for me, mmmm..when i'm not carin about calories I love clam chowder as well
  5. Roast red pepper, tomato and peanut....yum
  6. Crab and corn bisque. Yummy!
  7. Classic tomato, mushroom... things like that. I'm not terribly adventurous.

    Oh, and miso soup! I had way too much when I visited Tokyo a few weeks ago, but I've been drinking it steadily for years.
  8. Lobster bisque :nuts:

    Broccoli cheddar from Panera (and only Panera!)

    Minestrone from Olive Garden, or my aunt's homemade minestrone

    BF's mom's chicken soup :drool:
  9. Seafood Bisque (Crab or Lobster)
    French Onion
    Tomato Bisque
    Italian Wedding Soup (assuming they don't make it too greasy)
    Garlic Soup with Tarragon Dumplings... YUMMY!!!! :drool: :drool:
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  10. Cheesy Chicken Tortilla soup.
    Wedding soup
    Homemade chicken soup.
  11. Homemade, (mom's way) chicken soup!
  12. Minestrone and French Onion are by far my favorites.
  13. Chicken noodle
    Broccoli cheddar
    Clam chowder
    Bean & bacon
  14. I prefer creamy soups, like broccoli cheddar, mushroom, and clam chowder. But who wouldn't love lobster bisque!
  15. I love brocolli cheddar...like you said, when it's done right. Tomato soup..always. I really like spicy coconut soup, but I've only had it once.