Favorite Snapple flavors?

  1. raspberry iced tea, summer peach, raspberry peach, and pink lemonade.

  2. Diet Peach!
  3. Raspberry tea and lemon tea.
  4. Raspberry tea, peach, and mango madness!
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their new one - it's the White & Green Tea Green Apple Snapple...OH MY GOD.... FABULOUS IS NOT EVEN THE WORD....
  6. Those are both my favorite. I haven't had a summer peach in forever. Omg you made me want one. I don't see these flavors that often. The subway by my house use to carry the summer peach, not anymore.
  7. Kiwi strawberry and Lemon
  8. raspberry iced tea is the best!!
  9. Grape all the way. But it's so unpopluar some places don't even sell it any more.
  10. OMG I love Snapple! It´s just so darn expensive here. I love the watermelon
  11. Peach tea.
  12. Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi.
  13. Lemon iced tea
  14. kiwi strawberry, lemonade
  15. My favorite is Diet Carrot Orange Juice!!!

    But I don't think they make it anymore :crybaby: