Favorite SMALL LV item?

  1. I was just browsing elux and saw the inclusion cell charm. How cute! I reallyyyyy shouldn't buy anything more (just got a groom scarf last week!), but... Well, looking doesn't hurt. :sweatdrop: What are your favorite small LV items?
  2. Hmmm...there are so many! But, if I had to pick just one, I think the pastilles key chain.
  3. I don't have any...but I'm kinda liking the bubble ring (maybe not for me but it is cute!), and a clear inclusion bracelet PM.
  4. my tressor mono wallet
  5. scarves/bandeaus (even though i don't own any at the moment... i plan on getting a couple soon!)
  6. Inclusion bracelet!
  7. I would say my multicolor pastilles bracelet/charm or my perfo cles because they're both so versatile.
  8. I could not think of one...I :heart: the accessories.
    All time most useful--cles, hands down.
    Fav of the moment--tie 1) glitter ball key chain
    2) mini pochette accessoires (mono and damier)
  9. Lol don't ask me this question..I love all the small items...keychains, Pastilles, Inclusion, Vegas (the bracelet that's in the pic below) Bubbles...you name it.
    Here's a pic of the black cell charm on my phone and the Vegas bracelet lol:
  10. ooohh, 1 ?!?

    Probably the long pastilles charm, I use it as a bracelet.
  11. cles or fancy jewelry pieces :biggrin:
  12. Love that Vegas Bracelet, Rebecca! ; )
  13. For me it is a Multicolor Cuff. It was a BD Gift from my boyfriend ;)
  14. Hahaha I know, right? I thought you had one like it..;)
  15. I like some of jewelry charms, but they r very expensive.