Favorite Slouchy Bag?

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  1. Hey guys! So I'm in the market for a new bag and would loooove some recommendations/ suggestions! I prefer soft, slouchy bags (mostly because I don't think I'm classy enough yet to pull off nice structured bags lol) and I'd like a nude-ish color that would go with pretty much everything, and it should be a decent size. And under 2000€ would be awesome! Right now #1 on my list is Gucci Soho Chain Shoulder bag in Rose Beige :smile:
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  2. Sounds perfect :tup:
  3. I have that bag in teal nubuck and LOVE it even though I don't typically Iike slouch or nubuck. LOL! I think it's a great choice
  4. Baobao issey miyaki
  5. Givencht nightingale
  6. I ,personally, love my Balenciaga. City or Part time for slouchy bag.

    That Gucci you have in mind is gorgeous, too.
  7. Balenciaga City or Day
  8. Mine would be Bal City and Givenchy Nightigale.
  9. Dbl post
  10. I don't have any suggestions but I love slouchy bags!! Structured is not for me..