Favorite SLG?

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  1. Thought this would be a fun thread. Post a pic of your favorite SLG so far this year? Can be a purchase from whatever year but something this year you've really been favoring.
  2. I am loving my mono cles. I also got the Josephine wallet with yellow interior and am loving that too. I also don't know if this counts as a SLG but I also picked up an ebene strap for my speedy this year and I find I enjoy using my DE speedy even more now.
  3. Has got to be my empreinte cles. Love this piece!


  4. SO pretty!!!! I am trying to get the iris one but it's sold out everywhere !

    This is my favorite although I do not use her a lot ImageUploadedByPurseForum1438479732.215595.jpg

  5. When/where did you get her? So, so, so gorgeous!

  6. From the Louis Vuitton boutique in maybe 2012 or 2011. This was part of their limited edition Valentine's Day collection. Rayure amarante. They also made a pomme and framboise striped version and a white striped neverfull. I use her very gently and rarely. I always end up using a cles and a non lv wallet (currently a Tory burch limited holiday zippy coin purse which has a key attachment So I can tuck my keys and extra cards in there.)

    I have a soft spot for limited edition pieces lol. I have bad lighting but here's another picture ImageUploadedByPurseForum1438489165.499064.jpg
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  7. I only have 4 SLGs from LV, Zippy in Epi, Elise compact wallet in Monogram, Toiletry Pouch 19 and a Pochette like Milia in Empreinte that comes with Citadine PM. Most used is the Zippy.
  8. I like my empriente zippy wallet in the earth color and my vernis cerise key holder. I haven't been rotating wallets for about 4 months now":P
  9. Definitely iris cles and mono agenda!

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  10. Zippy in Pomme. Aside from the fact that it's gorgeous, it's a present from DH for our first date anniversary (17 years️)

  11. Mc noir 4 key.
    Most used: mono Sarah wallet which I also love but it is second to the mc
  12. The clemence wallet in empreinte leather. I got it feb 2015.

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  13. Anais wallet

  14. I'm so jealous! I wanted to get the iris cles last week but it's completely sold out in canada!
  15. This little cutie by far!