Favorite Signature Bags

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  1. After a discussion in the KF thread about signature, it made me think of starting a thread on some of our favorite signature pieces. Not everyone is a fan, but signature has been used in a lot of bags in the last few years. My favorites are those that have signature as an extra feature or contrast. So feel free to join in! The last one I do not own yet, but I do have the others. (the KF Marleigh)

    Some of my favorites are:

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  2. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of signature but I fell in love and ordered this one. I also just recently saw a YouTube unboxing of a signature marleigh that I’ve been searching for...:smile:

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    I picked up a Charlie Carryall back a few months ago. It was marked down 65% to $120. I had a $100 gift card so I got it for $20 out of pocket. I didn't get that scarf though its on sale on the Coach site right now and I am contemplating getting it but I can't decide if I think it is a Fall scarf only or if it could be used in the Spring too. Coach Charlie.jpg
  4. One legacy favorite, and my current favorite. 367144169_tp.jpg 73825_b4nq4_a0.jpg
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    While I'm not a fan of Sig bags, maybe because after almost 15 years of authenticating Coaches I've just seen too darned many fakes of them including many REALLY bad ones, something that's super-practical or even a bit whimsical can still be a "keeper". A Signature Optic pattern or a multicolor Scribble design is a lot more fun to me than a standard Sig.

    Just a few favorites, the bags are still in my collection even though they might be as much as 15 years old, and I still use them, Set the Wayback Machine for 2005 or thereabouts:

    F70283 - Voyager Mini Sig Small Messenger, 11x10 inches, a perfect size that can handle anything up to a decent size tablet and enough outside pockets to keep even me happy, and they're all big enough for a phone.

    70283_Sig Sm Messenger_11x10x4_45strap.jpg

    2173 - Chelsea Sig Optic Hobo, 2005. Mine is actually a Denim Blue combination.
    2173_Chelsea Optic Sig Large Hobo-SVBK_d2.jpg

    and a few of my favorite Scribble and Scribble Stitch styles:

    6075 - Scribble Pastels Baby Bag from 2005, my favorite Road Trip bag, tons of room inside for a windbreaker, umbrella, water bottles, books, maps, (yes, I still use them), and when you're someplace where the only places to sit are either damp, dirty or moss-covered, that waterproof changing pad is a lifesaver.
    6075_Scribble Baby bag.jpg

    and my favorite, 1855 - Scribble Stitch Pocket Flap from 2004. The Cs are actually embroidered on with thick, silky thread. It's just a fun bag, :coolio:

    (Whoops, sorry about the duplicate pic)

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  6. Never was much into logos or signature but these are my favorite & only, my Cassie being my #1.
    20190716_193800.jpg 20190905_181000.jpg 20200101_165949.jpg
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  7. These are my two sigs
  8. 75533_b4bk_a0.jpeg
    The Rexy by Guang You charm is adorable. I think I like this because the graphic quality of the drawing comes to the fore with the signature pattern serving as subtle backdrop.
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  9. Two siggy bags and 3 wristlets! I wish they would make these wristlet designs again!




    Oh and this pair of sneakers fits me perfectly!

    @Hyacinth - I love the scribbles bags too!
  10. Ive never seen the green KF Riley! I love it! I really want a Riley :smile: I almost bought the KF Troupe so many times, I kept stopping myself and wishing for it to sell out lol
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  11. I have that legacy bag as well. It was my most expensive bag at the time. I haven’t taken it out for a long time, probably because I like to use my other bags more. Do you still wear yours?
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  12. Your sneaker photo made me remember mine that have been in the closet! I only wear them occasionally but I always get compliments when I do. I also have the matching umbrella. IMG_0256. crop.JPG
  13. I love that bag and do take it out when I am feeling "vintage" lol :biggrin: I loved that dark tone-on-tone that Coach did back then.
  14. I love this charm and have it on my oxblood rogue 36 right now along with a small blue mohawk rexy charm. I have the matching bag as well :smile:
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  15. I posted about this somewhere else here before but I still have a raspberry sig hobo from the outlets I love. I stopped carrying it ages ago and rediscovered it while "shopping my closet" about a year ago. I turned it into my craft bag for sewing & cross stitch. It's perfect for that because it is light weight and has plenty of slips and a zip for my stitching tools. I also have a matching wristlet that I still use from time to time as a key keeper.

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