Favorite SHU UEMURA products?

  1. So i'm heading to my local SHU counter tomorrow - first time ever! So any products (makeup) that you want to recommend (other than the eyelash curler, i'm already going to pick that up for sure!).

  2. I read that the Basic Mascara works well. Never tried it though. My fav Shu, is their eyelash curler.
  3. ^^I'm getting the curler for sure. Any blush or eyeshadow recs? (I have brown eyes).
  4. I use their eye shadow and blusher too but I think you need to try them out due to different skin tone, eye colour etc. The tube lipstick (rouge creme) is fab too.

    One def recommendation is the facial cleasing oil. You can use it on the eyes also to remove mascara even for the water proof ones. The make-up brushes are also great. Tad expensive but they do their job well and last a long time.
  5. I second the cleansing oil.
  6. I have used several Shu products for years. Hands down, the cleansing oil is a must have, imo. I buy the green tea one, it is a staple. I also use velvet perfect self adjusting powdery foundation. The first time I wore it, a ton of my colleagues looked at me and asked about my face. They said it looked I had no pores.... Even I am still amazed at this stuff. Have fun!
  7. Cleansing Oil

    UV underbase mousse base
  8. I am a huge advocate of the cleansing oil also! I have not tried any of their other products though
  9. Cleansing oil and toner (moisture lotion, I think it's called) and the cotton pads. The cotton pads seem a bit ridiculous but they are super-absorbent, incredibly soft, don't leave stuff on your face and ensure that you don't waste any toner.
  10. I only have their eye lash curler, some lipglosses and deepsea water spray - which is so refreshing! I'd like to try their cleansing oil, because everyone keeps saying I must try it.
  11. I have only tried cleansing oil (green one ) and i love it i am ready to try some of their other products as well.
  12. ooh i LOVE shu! k soooo the shadows, brushes, lash curler (HG), cleansing oil A/O, lashes, face powder matte, rouge unlimited lipsticks, BG eye cream, ... those are my FAVES!! let us know what you get!
  13. I have used their mascara which is great but it does not thicken, their makeup brushes are also suppose to be the best you can buy, but very expensive!
  14. Their cleansing oil is fantastic as is their eye lash curler. Love their lip glosses. Try the cotton candy lipgloss.
  15. i really love shu blushes and eyeshadows. the fall collection just came out and the eyeshadows look gorgeous. the eyelash curler is my hg. i really want to try the cleansing oils too.