Favorite shearling boots (not Uggs)?

  1. Good morning, Girls

    Fall has arrived in Seattle, so I went to slip in my shearling boots yesterday, and I decided it's time for a new pair. I have several pairs of Uggs already, but I want a slightly more tailored, fun and funky look. Perferably with a wedge or heel. They also need to serve as my (apre'-ski) ski bunny boots in the lodge. Cheap or spendy, I am fine either way.

    The new Uggs with a wedge are cute, but they don't fit my high arch (too tight on the top of my foot. :sad:

    Any ideas?
  2. I just bought a pair of Cole Haan brown suede shearling boots. They have maybe 1 inch of heels but look a lot slimmer than uggs! I'll take a picture for you later.
  3. some pics:

  4. nice
  5. Very nice. It looks so comfy!
  6. I have a pair of gucci shearling boots which are super cute.